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  • Genom Ars Supernova
  • Release 2009-02-17
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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About Lumina: In a world of prescribed standards, vanity, and celebrity-lifestyle obsession, the choices we make illustrate the character that others perceive. Whether or not that character is who we genuinely desire to be is the ultimate inner conflict. But what makes us care? What makes us want beyond our needs? Is it a thirst for self-validation? Love? Wealth? Power? Why is our definition of self-value so reliant on the approval of others? How do we resolve the differences between societal expectations and our own pursuit of happiness? Lumina is the light that reveals - something that shines and enamors us, bringing into focus the truths and consequences of our actions, illuminating the underlying motivations for our decisions. It glows in pleasure and in pain, in jealousy and in adoration. It burns in lust and in love. Even if we choose not to acknowledge or accept it, Lumina is always present. Enter the lives of Gavin and Eliese... He's a celebrity fueling his success by rapidly scaling the heights of the Hollywood social scene. She's a by-any-means-necessary, aspiring socialite looking for her own piece of fame. Their lives intersect at a time when Gavin is beginning to grow disillusioned with the superficial world of excess that surrounds him. He recognizes the selfishness and lack of fulfillment and sustainability of his lifestyle but can't let go of his wealth, stardom, ease of manipulation of women, and other indulgences that his persona affords him. Eliese is caught in the middle of Gavin's struggle, yet is oblivious to his internal conflict. She is very much still blinded by the allure of fame, unable to recognize herself as a victim of both Gavin's manipulation and her own self-destructive patterns. Ultimately, Gavin's desire for true fulfillment and happiness pushes him over the edge to leave behind his life of celebrity, even though it means 'the death of a star' in the eyes of his fans and the media. Eliese's infatuation with the fast-paced life takes her to a much darker place before she begins to question it. A realization of the light that surrounds them is in order. Band Biography: The Ars Supernova shares a unique story of a vision cast by individuals who wanted to create something timeless, something new and fresh; a revival. With backgrounds stretching from orchestral and classical teachings, to vocal training in a gospel choir, to a love and understanding of the greatest forms of Rock, The Ars Supernova has harnessed a power in creating a pure form of music consisting of all these raw elements combined. Not only in performance, but also in philanthropy: The Ars Supernova called upon the support of believers in their cause to help build a water well in rural Ethiopia; providing clean, drinkable water to their brothers and sisters in Africa. This was made possible by the formation of their non-profit organization Soundwave along with A Glimmer of Hope; another Non-profit organization based out of Austin. On stage... An electric shock surges through each player as they individually bring to you in their own personal styling, the rebirth of Art. Songs of love, hope, loss, vengeance, and tragedy. This band brings you a message, neatly packaged and sealed with soul. With elements spanning from all genres, this is not a band that fits neatly into one particular category. This is The Ars Supernova. Instrumentation: Jirod Greene: Vocals David Butler: Guitars Dietrich Schmidt: Keyboards Ross Falcon: Bass Alejandra Cardenas: Violin Matt Erickson: Drums.


Konstnären: Ars Supernova
Titel: Lumina
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2009-02-17
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 844667015515
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