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Feeling Home

Feeling Home

  • Genom Armin D pmeier
  • Release 2007-02-27
  • Musikgenre Classical Artists
  • Media-Format CD
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Produkt anteckningar

'Feeling Home' is a collection of twelve songs played by Armin Düpmeier (acoustic guitars and Chapman Stick), Tatjana Konegen (flute) and Martin Heil (cello). All songs have been composed by Armin Düpmeier. In his compositions Armin Düpmeier tries to describe individual experiences and impressions. You can find for example songs that focus on phenomena in nature. 'Today Sunshine' tries to evoke the positive feeling you get when enjoying a day in the sun, 'Am Strand' (On the Beach) illustrates a walk on the beach with smooth waves playing with the sand. Or the clearness of a sunbeam can be found in the tune 'I'm Licht' (In the Light). Human relationships are also part of his musical stories. 'Feeling Home' - the title track of the album - wants to reflect the feeling of shelter your family or good friends can give you and 'Tensions' is a song about the struggle of people trying to find compromises. 'Widmung' (Dedication) tells the story of a difficult relationship between two quite different characters. Another part of the CD deals with individual experiences everyone has. "Am Horizont" (On the Horizon) might take you on a journey beyond the horizon of your daily routine and "Traumsplitter" (Splinters of a Dream) is an attempt to reassemble the parts of a dream you remember the morning after. Armin Düpmeier plays different types of stringed instruments. After having studied music at the university of Münster in Germany he has been a guitar instructor for many years teaching classical and jazz guitar. Besides his solo appearances he played in different projects during the last years which ranged from jazz to popmusic. His recent projects are 'Duo Fluitar' with a programme called 'Classical Crossover' (modern arrangements of classical compositions), the band 'Renaissance Faire' that plays the music of 'Blackmore's Night' in mostly acoustic arrangements and 'Super 8' with a programme consisting of movie and TV soundtracks. The CD will be delivered in a Super Jewel-Box.


Konstnären: Armin D pmeier
Titel: Feeling Home
Genre: Classical Artists
Releasedatum: 2007-02-27
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 634479496868
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