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Heaven Knows

Heaven Knows

  • Genom Aria Davis
  • Release 2008-01-15
  • Musikgenre Children's
  • Media-Format CD
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Aria Davis is just the type of artist the entertainment needs to remind us all that music is a gift that should be used to uplift others. In an industry littered with young girls whose poor decisions and controversial lifestyles seem to outweigh their talents, Aria is a breath of clean air. She wants her music to inspire people, focusing on subjects that hold real meaning instead of singing about material wealth, partying, or other trivial topics that seem to dominate the airwaves today. Aria uses her talents and abilities to glorify God and shine her light brightly within the darkness of a cynical world. The 12-year-old Ms. Davis takes her passion for performing arts seriously. Always humble and eager to learn, she studies music, dance, and acting at Pulse Performing Arts Center in Suwannee, Georgia. She has won awards at numerous competitions and is a member of an elite group of local singers called 'Sirens.' Aria takes private voice lessons and is working at piano, music theory, and songwriting. She is committed to developing her talents and gaining all the knowledge she can from the staff of instructors at the school. She manages to attend her regular school, continue her arts education, compete, perform, and record - quite a full plate for any person, and certainly remarkable for a child. But rest assured, nobody is pushing Aria into the spotlight - they don't have to! She loves doing what she does and would not want it any other way. Owner of HoneyBee Records as well as the writer and producer of 'Heaven Knows,' Erik Grant Bennett has enjoyed witnessing Aria's artistic evolution firsthand. Aria has done recording sessions for HBR projects over the years and 'she has always been professional, courteous, and takes direction well,' says Mr. Bennett. He goes on to say, 'Aria is beginning to come into her own and know what she wants to accomplish in her career. She is serious about improving. She has superb intonation and natural power, but even better, she knows what she needs to work on and is committed to the process.' Erik Grant Bennett, who has produced music for many fine artists, such as Lindsay Woolf, Tiffany Clark, and Joy Waters Fowler to name just a few, he was most impressed with the fact that Aria also understands that making records isn't about getting rich or famous, but about making a connection with an audience, however large or small. For her it is about telling stories of hope and love and sharing the most special parts of her spirit with others. Her debut recording, 'Heaven Knows,' is the first we have heard from Aria Davis...but it will certainly not be the last!


Konstnären: Aria Davis
Titel: Heaven Knows
Genre: Children's
Releasedatum: 2008-01-15
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 796873010450
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