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Dull & the Bright

Dull & the Bright

  • Genom Archery
  • Release 2005-06-07
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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-The song 'The Ones You laughed At' was voted 'Most Original and Best Feel Good Track in the Acoustic category, for the week of march 14, 2005 by Reviewers on 'fantastic... one of the best songs I've heard on Unbelievably well done. This is just great, great stuff.' - M. Burgess Brooklyn, New York Reviewer The CD opens with the sound of traffic. You're on the highway, and the red lights glow from the backs of cars ahead of you. The smoke curls from the ashtray. You look out the window and see a blur of the landscape. And the songs arrive like new friends, really close to joining you. The road to The Dull and the Bright began in November 2002, when Frank decided to make good on his musings about putting together a CD of new songs and some material written with guitarist Devin Advani, bassist Joe Hamilton and drummer Stu Burchill in Montreal in a band called Oxen. Oxen became Safecracker after it was noticed that Ox in the dictionary described a castrated bull. The album was recorded and mixed in Montreal at PJ Studio over the last 2 years, produced by Paul Johnston. We couldn't all make it all in Montreal at the same time a lot of time, so part of the album was recorded in Toronto where Paul Sheehan runs Tuna Music, and Orlando, where Cliff was playing with The Cirque du Soleil. Archery counts as it's core members, Frank Brosseau, Guitar, vocals. Joe Hamilton, Bass guitar, Devin Advani, Guitar, Stuart Burchill, drums, Paul Sheehan, Drums and Clifford Schwartz, guitar. We all played in bands together in Montreal; Babelfish, Oxen, Safecracker, da joint. The artists were all in periods of transition throughout the making of this album. Having all lived in Montréal for a while, some had moved away for one reason or another Devin was in Chicago, Cliff in Orlando Florida, Frank and Paul in Toronto. So the road, the time spent traveling, a time when you are no-place, where the conversations that take place could not take place any where else is where this album is from. A space to think and talk about nothings, not where you're going, but maybe where you want to be.


Konstnären: Archery
Titel: Dull & the Bright
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2005-06-07
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 623141159927
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