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Arch Angels

Arch Angels

(With DVD, Subtitled, Anamorphic, 2PC)
  • Release 2016-07-05
  • Film och TV-Genre Anime-Japanese
  • Media-Format Blu-ray
  • Observera. Om inte annat anges, är alla BLU-RAY REGION A och alla DVD REGION 1 kodar. Innan du köper bör se till att din utrustning kan spela upp dessa regioner. Klicka på länken nedan för mer information om regionen kodning:
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Pris: 192,65 kr

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Produkt anteckningar

Rich? Need a place to keep your attractive but easily misled daughter? Then St. Michael's Academy is the school for you! Nestled on a remote island, it's the perfect place to keep your girl away from temptation as she learns about class, elegance, and refined tastes. Of course, that also makes S.M.A. "Hell on Earth" for a girl like Fumio, who'd rather go to Tokyo U. and eat junk food. Fortunately, Fumio soon finds two kindred spirits in the form of Kazune and Yuzuko, who also groove on cheap ramen and trashy novels. Unfortunately, a lot of weird stuff also starts to happen: the school is targeted by Italian kidnappers (or are they pirates?), the head nun goes a LITTLE crazy... and the girls gain superpowers. It only makes sense for our heroic trio to track down the villains and bring them to justice, right? Get ready for an educational experience like no other as the bad guys get schooled, schoolgirl-style in ARCH ANGELS!


Titel: Arch Angels
Genre: Anime-Japanese
Medverkande: Juri Ueno, Megumi Seki
Direktör: Issei Oda
Studio: Section 23
Attribut: With DVD, Subtitled, Anamorphic, 2PC
Releasedatum: 2016-07-05
Media-Format: Blu-ray
UPC: 814131010599
Denna produkt är en speciell ordning
Originalspråk: JAP
Undertexter: ENG
Körtid: 184 minutes