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Anything But Federal

Anything But Federal

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Anything But Federal (ABF) was formed from the remains of two bands - Troy the Snail and Xpand, back in August 2006. Ben Ruegg and Michelle Anderton, who had been playing together since high school, were in search of a new drummer. Enter Paul Rishworth, a fresh, strong and solid drummer who brought with him his own distinct style and new energy. They clicked instantly, and after a few rocking jam sessions, ABF was born. The band's debut, self-titled EP features four strong tunes. Butterfly Effect is a powerful song which highlights how the smallest issue in life can snowball into an unforeseen rage; ABF built this tune using heightened vocal lines, forceful rhythm and melodic chord voicing on the guitar. The songs hard rock feel indicates to the listener that ABF mean business. Amongst Others is one of the very first written by ABF. In a world of so much stress and pace it's easy to ignore each other and forget how important human interaction really is. Lyrically, the song questions what we are doing to make the world a better place and the emotions of these lyrics are felt musically as the song gently builds up to it's bridge. When Ben introduced Parahaki, a song he had written as a solo artist to ABF, the band bought new life and meaning to a song once left to collect dust on the shelf. This song showcases the band working together to create a palette of emotions through the music. The lyric's present the song's true emotion. It's about seeing yourself in a different light, within a world of uncertainty and knowing you may never experience this again. With Deceive Myself, ABF wanted to dig deeper into emotional territory, and produced a ballad mourning the tragic loss of loved ones. Deceive myself is about a state of disbelief that creates a make believe world. The music is subtle yet sharp and when the song gets to the bridge, the band bleeds it's heart out.


Konstnären: Anything But Federal
Titel: Anything But Federal
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2007-12-11
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 9421021462409
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