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I Love You Girl

I Love You Girl

  • Genom Antonio Taylor
  • Release 2009-03-10
  • Musikgenre Soul/R & B
  • Media-Format CD
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I am Antonio Eugene Taylor. You can call me Antonio. I am a former Champion high school track & field star. I had to really control myself and work tenaciously at the sport activity to achieve the ability to become # 1. That achievement has encouraged me to apply the same approach toward my musical endeavors. Consequently, I have developed a unique quality, and performance ability that I believe will help to satisfy the demands of the ever changing music listening world today. I am a member of the Los Angeles based chapter of the Professional Musician's Union Local 47, and in October of 2007 I participated in the Independent Music Conference where I sang a song for the "Songsalive" music evaluators, and also had a song highly critiqued by a panel of judges from the Independent Music Industry. I have just graduated from college and that was my first outing following a really busy schedule to earn my 1st Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, General Management. I am a man on a mission. My goal is to provide America and the world with something in addition. Something in addition to the music that they are already hearing...something in addition to the music that they are already seeing...exactly that something that they have really, really wanted. One thing that I have learned early during my educational and economic experiences is that the American consumer loves variety, and they completely enjoy the ability to choose. My musical mission is to provide the American consumer and the world with a unique, quality product that will add value and variety to the collection of musical products that they now enjoy. I am Antonio Eugene Taylor, a Singer, Actor, Model and a Dancer. Singing is the thing that I do best because it is the thing that I have continued doing all my life. I started singing at the age of five while attending my uncle's Church with my family in New Orleans, Louisiana. There I did most of my singing until one February day of 1967, upon the visit of one of my aunts from California, I was informed that my younger sister and I were to be going to California to stay with my aunt, and the rest of the family were to relocate to California sometime later. Once in California my interest in singing became much more intensified. When I was in New Orleans I had heard so much about California, and I was really fascinated with the idea of performing in California and the possibility of becoming a really big star. When the rest of my family arrived, and the family settled in Southern California, I began to perform singing songs for the family and for my classmates at school. I entered a number of talent shows starting from the sixth grade thru the eighth grade, and I had won them all. This helped me to make the decision to stay with my musical endeavors. In Junior High School I kept up my interest by entering and winning more talent shows, and in High School I formed a singing group with two other classmates. The singing group also had a band. The singing group began in my junior year of high school and it continued throughout the rest of the high school years. The singing group performed at: School Dances, school assembly programs, Home Comings, Class Reunions, Night Clubs, Talent Shows and other special programs liked the Pomona Valley Fairgrounds, etc. That was a lot of fun, and also a lot of good experience for me. After high school however, the singing group went on for a little while and then it concluded. I have continued my interest in music today with college program performances, performances at the Professional Musician's Union Local 47, and these selections that I have taken from a collection of recordings that I am working on. I wrote, arranged, played the music to, and sang (lead and background) all of the songs in each production. These recordings were designed to exhibit some of my musical abilities, and they are a pretty good representation of my musical abilities. Yet I am endeavoring to take my musical experience to a higher level so that I can enhance this introduction of a super product. Sincerely, Antonio E. Taylor.


Konstnären: Antonio Taylor
Titel: I Love You Girl
Genre: Soul/R & B
Releasedatum: 2009-03-10
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 884501108218
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