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Closer Than Breathing

Closer Than Breathing

(Duplicated CD)
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Having come from a background of anger, depression and anxiety Anton's music documents his exploration, struggle and insights gained in his ongoing battle with these obstacles. Having completed psychology study's and with a fascination for both eastern and western philosophies Anton's lyrical content reflects his preoccupation with the intricacies of the mind. Communicating at a deep level with the listener through the use of metaphor Anton's lyrics both stimulates and challenge. Don't be fooled though, these tunes don't wallow in a dark quagmire of despair! Anton's work resonates of healing and hope. If anything they tend to outline the approach to life in which Anton has by and large come out of his misery and found happiness. Not all Anton's material revolves around the "psych" however. The other subject extensively explored by Anton is of course love and listeners will find a healthy splattering of love songs throughout Anton's catalogue. However even Anton's love songs are usually still imbedded with deeper meaning and purpose. No opportunity appears to have been missed to explore the depths and richness of life. This is an aspect of Anton's work which makes it such a fulfilling experience and like a breath of fresh air amongst the oceans of commercial fodder that floods the music market. Anton's material tends to appeals to the discerning listener who is in search of something with a little more depth in the listening experience. Of course if all this thinking is not your cup of tea Anton's music is also full of addictive hooks, an array of musical instruments from traditional to electronic and of course the smooth crooning melodies unique only to Anton. Based in Brisbane Australia where he lives with his wife and two children Anton produces all his own material in his home studio, releasing albums under his record label "BugEye Records". He plays throughout the East coast of Australia but mainly concentrates his efforts on the recording side of the music industry these days. To Anton the real gold in his musical experience lies in the creative process itself (both recording and live performance) and what he gains through this process. For Anton life is about the moment, and to him music is a powerful catalyst to bring him into that moment, the worries of the past and future disappearing into the ether. Another aspect that stands out about Anton's music which follows on from his creative approach is the amazing diversity and originality of Anton's catalogue. Not feeling the need to produce or conform to any particular genre or audience, Anton's music wanders freely from camp to camp. It encompasses pop, rock, folk and jazz with a uniquely Anton angle bonding all the elements together with a general air of honesty to them. Songs vary from the moody to the highly uplifting but always with a message of hope and a depth that feeds the soul. His music has been compared to Nick Cave, The Dirty Three, Tom Waits, Ben Harper and Pink Floyd but is at the same time often hard to categorise. "Closer than Breathing" is Anton Goodchild's second release under his solo banner. It differs from his first EP "Twist of Fate" with the introduction of keyboards and sprinklings of electronica intertwined with Anton signature earthy feel. It also features some heaver tracks with distorted guitar coupled along with the acoustic guitar. As usual the lyrics have great depth which stimulate and challenge the listener and some beautiful love songs that will capture your heart. Anton would like to take the time to thank you for taking the time and effort to check out his music. He is clear that it is only through the listening of YOU the music lover, that he gets to do what he loves and that of course is make and play music.


Konstnären: Anton Goodchild
Titel: Closer Than Breathing
Genre: Rock
Attribut: Duplicated CD
Releasedatum: 2008-09-15
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 634479876813
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