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Antique Imp

Antique Imp

  • Genom Antique Imp
  • Release 2009-05-12
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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'Ready Your Grins to the Sky,' the Imp Says... Four weary, faceless travelers each stumble over a root, fall into a hole, are trapped inside that hole in a long moment of happenstance. What immerges from out of that hole is called Antique Imp. Some would describe Antique Imp's music as "folky." Others might deem it "eerie" or "psychedelic" or "stoner-friendly." The Imps wouldn't refute any of this. Their music is an open slot, a blank space waiting to be filled in by the listener, steered by whatever impressions their sounds might stir. Because the truth is, there is no easy way to categorize Antique Imp's music. Sure, those listening for it will find traces of Syd Barrett or Grizzly Bear or the ethereal wanderings of an in-his-element Brian Eno, but when all is said and done, Antique Imp stands on it's own two scuffed feet. The EP was recorded in the latter months of 2008. The drums were laid down at the renowned Private Island Trax studio (familiar to artists such as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Warren Zevon, Lou Rawls and many more) in Los Angeles, right there on the Sunset Strip with all the worn and wasted and jaded straggling by. As for the rest of the music, this was done in the comfort of singer/songwriter Danny Fasold's Hollywood apartment on a laptop connected to many wires connected to many instruments. Known for their use of swooping choruses, woodsy guitars and molasses-thick synthesizers, Antique Imp's music thrives on mood. It's both relaxing and suspenseful, aesthetic and horrid, depressing and uplifting. In only four songs, the band's eponymous EP covers much ground, touching on isolation, nostalgia, longing and, finally, the boundless potential that exists in all of us. Antique Imp is not afraid to cross boundaries. It is not afraid to venture into the dark, or look deep inside itself. It wants you to not be afraid as well. About Antique Imp Deep in the darkest depths of Danny Fasold's bedroom, one cold year when the boy couldn't drive, nor could he sing, nor could he carve furniture from blocks of wood, Antique Imp was born. Recorded on a dusty old Roland four-track from the Triassic age, Danny slaved for countless hours trying to get everything perfect in one take, for punch-ins were still very much a mystery at the time his ancient Roland was built. His efforts were put online and received with much applause from lots of people he'd never met before. The boy's spirits were high. He moved to Los Angeles and decided to kick things up a notch. After while, he was joined by longtime friend Dryden Van Cleave, who would offer his skills on vocals, guitar and keys. The two of them eventually crossed paths with drummer Oscar Higuera and bassist Wes Hawkes, both SoCal natives. Now the four of them happily spend their free time pounding sounds together and making sweet, nauseating noise. The Imp abides.


Konstnären: Antique Imp
Titel: Antique Imp
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2009-05-12
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 884501139113
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