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Grandma Sure Was Right

Grandma Sure Was Right

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Anthony Jerome Smith sings in a deep, warm resonant baritone, strong as black coffee, delicious as chocolate. Listeners are immediately captivated by the depth of feeling in his voice and the rhythmic intensity of his guitar playing. His songs meld folk, reggae and country rhythms in the vein of a modern-day griot--he observes life and love, family and society with a keen eye and tender heart. Some of his songs are very personal, inviting you into an intimate room; some touch a universal chord. Anthony has dedicated this CD 'in loving memory of my grandmother, and to my ancestors, to whom I owe a debt that I can never repay.' So, come on in, pull up a chair, kick your shoes off, make yourself at home, and enter the world of Anthony Jerome Smith. Song Descriptions: Track #1 Rock Me In Your Love Rock Me In Your Love is a song that always brings to mind my grandmother and childhood memories of her never failing love for me. She more than anyone taught me so many things about life and about myself. It is hard to know where or what I would be if it were not for her. My grandmother was the first angel that I met on this earth. Track #2 Love Ain't Fair Love Ain't Fair is about a truth that I think I've learned, .that says no matter hard you try to love someone sometimes it's still not enough to save a relationship from sinking. No matter how fast you bail the water out of the boat, the boat still keeps filling up with water again and again. When things get really difficult, everyone should reserve the right to save themselves. No matter how painful moving on can be, sometimes it has to be done to survive. Track#3 Friends Last Longer ( Than Most Lovers Do ) This song simply says often times it's your friends not your lovers who stand by you when times are the hardest. Track#4 County Line County Line is the story of a man down on his luck,who gets into a fix when a stranger tells him he can help him earn a dollar or two. Now the law is after him as he tries to reach the 'County Line'. What the law doesn't understand is that they're after the wrong man. Track#5 What A Life To Be Livin' What A life To Be Livin' is about a woman I saw on the srteets one cold winter morning. To me she looked as if she'd been up all night working the streets. My experience told me that she also may have had a drug problem. As she stood in a doorway counting her money, a part of me wanted to keep walking past her and another part of me wanted to talk to her but I didn't. She was my inspiration for this song. Track#6 Grandma Sure Was Right Grandma Sure Was Right. This is a very special song to me. I feel that there is so much to say about my grandmother, I would have to write a book to get it all down. I can say for sure that the making of this CD, and so many other things in my life, would not be possible if it were not for my grandma. It was she who first taught me to love myself and to try to love others as well. So many things that she told me as a child have all come to pass. Over the years I have tried to find something that she may have told me that was not true and so far I have found nothing. My grandma like so many other grandmas was a VERY wise woman. This song says don't look for life to be easy because it won't. This song says you must fight and never give up. If you fall it's ok, but don't stay on the ground; get up and try to keep going. Track #7 Brown Baby Brown Baby is a song written by singer/songwriter Oscar Brown Jr. Oscar Brown Jr. wrote over 1,000 songs. He was an amazing singer/song writer and performer. This is only one among many of my favorite songs by Oscar Brown Jr. I interpret this song as a prayer from a parent to his child, for a better life and a better world for their child. Track #8 Home-In-A-Dat Rock This is a traditional song, a Negro Spiritual telling of another home far from the home that we know, where there is no sickness or suffering, no hate or war. Track #9 Springtime Springtime is about being in love, and never wanting love to end. Springtime, a time for flowers, birds, lying in tall grass with your mate, cotton candy, clowns, butterflys, soft breezes . . . . about wishing life could always be as carefree as a spring day. Track #10 You Don't Know (What It's Like) This song talks about feelings you have when you find yourself missing someone you were used to having around all the time. Track #11 I Got A Light In You This is about a life of going through many relationships searching for the right person, starting to feel like you may never find someone to spend the rest of your life with. Sometimes you may feel at your lowest point, when you look up and there they are, the one you've been looking for. This is a song about how two people can light the way for each other out of dark places. Track #12 What You See Is What You Get What you see on the outside is what I am on the inside. You don't have to worry that I'm wearing a mask. Track #13 We Can Make Love Happen Never give up on love, love of people, love of nature, love of the universe. Track #14 Until We Learn (How To Make Peace) I'd just heard this story about a bombing in a cafe in Israel, where many people were killed, and the war in Iraq had just started. It made me wish that people had more patience with each other; I feel if it were left up to the average person, they wouldn't want all of this killing, they'd want to do something different, something better. This song says until we learn to really talk to each other, this world may never change. Revenge = 0 Track #15 Baby Kickin' In Your Belly This is the story of a girl who finds herself in a situation that really makes her afraid, afraid to tell anyone about what has happened to her. She would like to be able to tell her parents she is pregnant, but she doesn't have the kind of relationship with them where they would understand. She's worried they'll tell her to leave, so she takes a train, even though she doesn't know where she's going or what she will do. Track #16 Happy Birthday Sweet Eliza This is a song about a very special person.


Konstnären: Anthony Jerome Smith
Titel: Grandma Sure Was Right
Genre: Folk
Releasedatum: 2004-02-24
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 829757473826
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