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Kyrie EP

Kyrie EP

  • Genom Anthony Celia
  • Release 2008-07-29
  • Musikgenre Gospel
  • Media-Format CD
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Anthony Celia is a young and passionate lead worshiper/ songwriter from beautiful Southern California. His mission and passion is to try to depict the heart of Jesus Christ through his song writing and live performances. He says, \'Getting up on stage and being used to usher God\'s people into his presence is very humbling, and at times, terrifying thing. I never set out to do this gig. Jesus called me out and threw me into it very quickly.\' He remembers, \'I was at a camp a few years ago and the director came up to me in a panic and asked me if I could lead the closing worship for all the campers because the other guy couldn\'t make it. For some reason I said yes, even though I had never sang in front of people before! I had played in many worship teams over the years, but I had never been the voice upfront leading the people. That night Jesus moved through me in powerful way. I had mustarded up the courage to do a few original songs and the people gathered there took my songs and made them their own that night. It was at that moment that I felt God calling me into this ministry known as worship leading.\' Anthony writes from his own life experiences in his walk with Christ. \'I have come to realize that even though we all have different joys and challenges in life we are all tied to the same Creator. By trying to be honest in my song writing I have seen my songs ring with a voice of truth in other people\'s hearts. I can\'t understand it or explain it, and I don\'t try to. I just have to trust and be faithful in the Lord. As God\'s people, really, that is all we can do. He will fill us up and guide us in a very real and passionate way.\' On his debut EP entitled "Kyrie" Anthony has captured what it is to respond to the Gospel of Jesus. The first track, "Undivided", sings, "This is my response to your undivided love/ this is my desire, an undivided heart/ not by my own power, but the power of your blood/ That I may live for you." Anthony says that this is his prayer for the church, that the church may simply respond to the love of Jesus. He says, "The Father has given us so much through his Son that the church cannot help but love those around them with out an agenda. We are called to love people where they are at. We need to roll up our sleeves and get down in the dirt with them. Christians are no better than anyone else. We are forgiven sinners, and we must humble our selves and approach everyone with the love and grace that Jesus has blessed us with." Anthony is very excited to see what the Lord is going to do with his music, he also realizes that God is much bigger than his music. He says, "God moves in so many different ways. I just pray that my music is a blessing to those who come in contact with it. Even if that means my home church sings these songs to God every once in a while, I am happy and blessed for that."


Konstnären: Anthony Celia
Titel: Kyrie EP
Genre: Gospel
Releasedatum: 2008-07-29
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 884501012560
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