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South of the Border

South of the Border

  • Genom Anthony Arizaga
  • Release 2006-10-10
  • Musikgenre Latin Pop/Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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Antonio Joaquin Arizaga has had a long and illustrious career as a performer, recording artist and music educator. Maestro Arizaga's mastery of the Spanish Guitar indicates devotion and respect for this art form, which dates back centuries. His live concert repertoire includes dramatic and brilliantly executed performances of Spanish guitar. After attending California Institute of the Arts, Arizaga went on to play master classes with, Julian Bream, Pepe and Angel Romero, among others and studied privately with Pepe Romero of Los Romeros - "Royal Family of the Guitar." He has a reputation as an inspiring teacher and is an avid musical scholar. In solo performance, Arizaga has achieved the resonant and lyrical touch that coaxes from the guitar an authentic and breathtaking sound. Dazzling execution of challenging fingerwork graces every song in his repertoire, bringing alive the dancing rhythms of flamenco. The range of nuance he elicits from the guitar demonstrates virtuosic technique and intuitive insight into the spirit of the music that is truly breathtaking to experience. Arizaga goes beyond mere technical excellence. Through every brilliant musical show stopper breaths the ineffable angst of the Spanish soul. Flamenco Artist Antonio Joaquin Arizaga, carries the listener through time and space, gracing the stage with ancient music of Spain much to the delight of his audiences' 'My Grandmother owned a bar/restaurant named E'l Zarape' near the water front in San Pedro CA. There was a small door in the wall where my Aunt used to pass food from the restaurant to the bar for the long shoremen who were sitting and drinking to enjoy some real down home Mexican food. I was way too young at the time to go into the bar. (5,6 years old?) I remember sitting inside the restaurant and being totally enamored with the sounds coming from the bar, courtesy of the old Wurlitzer juke box which had fins and tail lights that looked like my Dad's 56 DeSoto. Trio Los Panchos with and without Eidie Gourmet, Los tres Aces, all the great 'Trios Romanticos.' I used to stick my head through the small door between the bar and the restaurant just so I could get a better listen. Those wonderful sounds stayed with me for the rest of my life. 'South of the Border' Is my memories of that time. I hope you like it.' -Anthony Arizaga An incredible musician who plays both Flamenco & Classical guitar. Having studied the guitar since the age of nine this performer excels in both fields. He has studied with many great guitarists among them Mario Escudero & Pepe Romero. Anthony performs 200 times a year. He played a great Tarantas for The Flamenco Society of Northern California in San Jose in 1995. The audience applauded for over a minute and afterwards the late Anita Sheer said "I had no idea he was that good". Aficianados talked about his performance for months whether in my store or at subsequent juergas. "Wasn't that guy from L.A. great". At that time Anthony acquired the 1980 Manuel Reyes Flamenco Guitar from my store which he uses on this recording. Almost every great Flamenco guitarist at one time or another has used guitars by the world-renowned guitarrero Manuel Reyes including Sabicas, Juan Serrano, Pepe Martinez, Mario Escudero and Vicente Amigo. Anthony asked me to write the liner notes for which I was delighted to do.


Konstnären: Anthony Arizaga
Titel: South of the Border
Genre: Latin Pop/Rock
Releasedatum: 2006-10-10
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 647896001126


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