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For This Reason

For This Reason

  • Genom For This Reason
  • Release 2007-06-26
  • Musikgenre Children's
  • Media-Format CD
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A Note from Annemarie --- Thank you for your interest in 'For This Reason,' a Scripture-based kids worship album featuring all-new songs written for, and sung by, the students of Family Christian School in Winter Garden, Florida. The CD is set in a praise and worhip format with worship leader, background vocals, band and live student congregation. Early in the school year, I started writing these songs to help the kids memorize their assigned monthly Scripture verses. Produced with a contemporary Christian sound, all songs are Scripture-based, sometimes a literal rendering of the verse, other times a slight paraphrase. In some songs, the verses will contain the Scripture and the chorus will be my own lyrics. In other songs, you might find the reverse. All original lyrics were intended to facilitate a response of worship to the truth of Scripture they accompanied. The songs will help kids and parents (so I've been told)hide the Word in their hearts as they have fun praise and worshiping God. I think we've captured something special here. We really are just a mom who likes to praise God and write Him songs, a group of moms and dads who want to raise Godly kids, and a school principal who possesses and unusual kind of 'gung-ho' faith for God projects. Finally, we're a group of joyful and eager-to-learn kids who aren't afraid to worship God wholeheartedly. So what you're hearing is just what we've been doing every Friday morning in our Chapel. It's blessed about 120 grade-school kids and now we want to make it available to bless you! Thanks for listening! Annemarie McLean, songwriter and worship leader.


Konstnären: For This Reason
Titel: For This Reason
Genre: Children's
Releasedatum: 2007-06-26
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 837101349338
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