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Say Goodnight

Say Goodnight

  • Genom Annabella
  • Release 2008-03-18
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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'Say Goodnight/ is undoubtedly a step forward for Annabella. The duo may have moved in a "full-band" direction with this record, but still knows when to keep things simple, and hasn't lost sight of what matters most: the songwriting. While this new direction is admittedly darker, it still feels authentic, never contrived or calculated. Melancholy, melodic, and catchy - /Say Goodnight/ is the rare album that sticks in your head, while it stabs at your heart.' Franklin Morris, AUSTINSOUND - June 2008 'Annabella continue in the task of creating really pretty music. I know 'pretty' is not a very useful term, but, well, it fits. It's very peaceful, calming. I think I can actually feel my heart rate slowing. My doctor will be so happy. But I don't want you to think this means it's dull or sleepy. It's not. Dreamy, yes... but sleepy no. And yes, that's possible. It's just beautiful. The melodies are charming and that gorgeous voice will keep you mesmerized in a very good way'...'They have carved out a nice niche for themselves.' Amy Lotsberg, producer, COLLECTED SOUNDS - June 2008 'Annabella isn't a solo act but rather a Georgetown-based husband-and-wife team whose gorgeous Songs of Goodbye was one of 2005's local gems. The duo returns with Say Goodnight, another shade of their charming melancholy reminiscent of 1990s bands like the Sundays. Terri Dittmar's voice is soft gold, malleable and smooth on 'Sun Is King,' 'Carousel,' the two mixes of 'Peach Tree,' and 'Say Goodnight.' There's a New Age touch in the fey instrumentation, heavy on keyboards, but it's enticing, never mushy, and as warmly satisfying as a red-wine-and-candles snuggle with your lover. ' Margaret Moser, AUSTIN CHRONICLE, "Girlie Action" - May 2008 "This is the second long player from this Texas team of husband and wife, and it picks up right where the other left off. As touching as ever, this time they went for a more layered sound by adding additional instrumentation but the songs are as, well I don't want to say they have a homespun quality, but there is a genuine earnestness about the whole thing that is quite touching. Very recommended." INDIEPOP SPINZONE - April 2008 "The Texas based husband/wife duo Annabella makes lovely indie pop that really reminds me of Innocence Mission, Mojave 3, maybe Sarah McLaughlin a little. Later into the CD, on "Just So You Know", I realized that The Sundays comparison was entirely valid as well. The music is understated and dreamy, a bit of a departure from other up-tempo indie duos like Viva Voce and Quasi. Piano and other instruments add nice touches. For me, Terri Dittmar's voice falls into that category of exquisitely's such an undeniably pretty album." PALEBEAR - April 2008.


Konstnären: Annabella
Titel: Say Goodnight
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2008-03-18
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 796873041379
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