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Learning Curve

Learning Curve

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This isn't your normal church CD release. The following collection of songs comes from musicians who regard the Vineyard Church of An Arbor as their 'home' church. Instead of the usual collection of worship songs (as you might reasonably expect from a church CD), this CD contains an eclectic mix of songs and styles from musicians who don't believe in the 'Sacred/secular divide' (regarding music) that so often accompanies what one might call a 'traditinally churched' mindset. I concure with Duke Ellington on the matter; for it was he who said:'There are only two kinds of music, good and bad'. If there is a creator God: and at Ann Arbor Vineyard we believe that to be the case; Then it must follow that he also created the very idea of music and that he also gave us the ability: (as we are made in His image): to createively make music for Him, for ourselves, and for others to enjoy, (or not, as the case may be.) Music is also used as part of our intimate relationship with Him during our worship times, when we are 'home alone' in worship, and when we come together for our celebrations. Over the years, I know I have had more intimate times with God while listening to what a traditionally churched mindset might regard as 'secular music'. Just one for instance from my own taste and perspectives: God made Stevie Ray Vaughan; SRV made blues music: SRV's music has stopped me in my tracks, made me laugh/cry/weep for joy At the sheer virtuosity and gifting poured out into his tragically short life. I know I have been healed listening to Stevie's 'blues power'. Music is a very subjective experience for all of us Some of the styles on this CD. Learning Curve: "electic grooves from an eclectic church" which the Vineyard church of Ann Arbor is), may not be to your taste(s). But hey! It's an eclectic mix of songs from an eclectic mix of people. So whaddya want for your money? Mike Brooks Worship Director Ann Arbor Vineyard, Michigan.


Konstnären: Ann Arbor Vineyard
Titel: Learning Curve
Genre: Folk
Releasedatum: 2006-11-21
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 649288328521
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