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God Is for Every Day-Stories & Songs for Children

God Is for Every Day-Stories & Songs for Children

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What: ... is the God Is For Every Day® project? ? Recently created, original material for children in the form of stories and songs. ? Available on Cassette Tape, CD and in a 52 page Teach-A-Child Companion Book. ? Accompaniment for all songs is on the CD and tape. ? Eight themes are presented. Each theme includes both a story and song, as well as introductions. Which: ...age group are the stories and songs written for? ? For infants/toddlers - many people have used the recordings or book/recording sets as baby gifts. The 2nd side CD has music accompaniment alternated with voice-only, which is very soothing. ? Pre-school age - home daycare centers or preschools can play a story/song set for music time, Bible time or before rest time. Pre-school children can learn many of the songs. For more lengthy songs, the pre-school children can sing the refrain in response to the older children singing the verses. ? Kindergarten-first/second - some of the music might be used in the classroom, in a cherub choir, Sunday or church school. The above would be the more common uses, but there are other possibilities as well... ? The material can be used to aid in teaching reading, language or voice. ? The written music can be played by older students learning an instrument. ? Babysitters or older brothers and sisters can use it in their babysitting bag. ? Parents can use one or more of the themes to deal with certain issues. --For instance, if their child seems to be feeling very lonely and lost, they might play the 'Jesus Is My Friend' theme and talk about it together. --If their child doesn't feel like feeding the family pet or has lost a pet, it might help to play or read the 'God Loves the Animals' theme. ? Grandparents and Great grandparents often like to give the set to their grandchildren in order to pass along their faith. ? A play or presentation can be created with the stories and songs, with easier and more difficult parts being assigned according to age and ability.


Konstnären: Angelika & Dr. Rudy
Titel: God Is for Every Day-Stories & Songs for Children
Genre: Children's
Releasedatum: 2007-10-23
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 656613468029
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