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Andrew Collberg

Andrew Collberg

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Born just nineteen years ago in Sweden, Andrew Collberg has had music coursing through him ever since. His first passion to perform came early on. At just seven years of age he began to write little ditties while he pounded out rhythms behind a drum kit. By ten he was starting to record his inventions on his father's 4-track cassette recorder. His father, an amateur but enthusiastic musician contributed greatly to Andrews's musical background. He turned Andrew on to the greats amongst his record collection and began teaching him guitar. With this constant musical influence surrounding him he soon yearned to play anything he could get his hands on. He experimented with bass, banjo, keyboards, organ, harmonica, marimba and even toy instruments. At 14, he began reading Tapeop Magazine. He developed an intense interest in the recording process and he quickly soaked up anything and everything he could. He had also graduated to using an Akai dps12, a 12 track digital recorder. Along with his Akai, he was mixing down to several 2-track reel-to-reels for tone and quality. During his high school years he began focusing on the arrangements of his songs along with writing and recording. His ability to create poetic lyrics with simple yet gorgeous melodies was undeniable. With his collective talent in tow, his capacity to perform and record all the instrumentation himself, two demo CDs were produced. Each showcased a wide scope of sounds, textures and distinctive rhythms within the world of folk and rock. As his desire to express his music grew he began to showcase at coffee houses and small venues. However it wasn't long before he caught the eye of local promoters and he began performing at popular Tucson clubs and festivals. High praise from music critics comparing him to the likes of Bob Dylan and the Beatles led to his 2006 Tucson Area Music Award for "Best New Artist." Andrew appreciates the kind words but knows that he's got a long way to go to earn such comparisons. Excited to promote the release of his first nationally distributed CD, he has assembled a gifted group of young musicians to start touring behind him. It certainly sounds like the ever-humble youngster could be one of the most exciting young prodigies to emerge out of the Arizona desert in quite some time.


Konstnären: Andrew Collberg
Titel: Andrew Collberg
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2006-11-14
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 616892844921