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Time & Imaginary Time

Time & Imaginary Time

  • Genom Andrew Bishop
  • Release 2006-06-13
  • Musikgenre Jazz
  • Media-Format CD
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The trio of Andrew Bishop (saxophones and clarinet), Gerald Cleaver (drums), and Tim Flood (bass) draws it's aesthetic through the use of diverse methods to find a balance of composition and improvisational forms along with a search for a cohesive equilibrium of musical genres. Their debut recording Time & Imaginary Time (Envoi Recordings) draws it's inspiration from physics principles & their conceptual association to the process of composition, improvisation, & rhythmic pulse time. The 13 originals range from the pulsed pointillism of Picking Up the Pieces and the rhythmic repetition of Cleaver's Loops to the ambient for whom the bell tolls & folksy lullaby Go to Sleep! Press Quotes: 'As on his new Album Time and Imaginary Time (envoi), the saxophonist Andrew Bishop engages in a communicative exchange with drummer Gerald Cleaver and bassist Tim Flood, exploring open space and expanding compositional frames.'?-Nate Chinen, New York Times 'A composer of contemporary orchestral and chamber music, Bishop combines a jazzman's fire and flow with a rigorous compositional sensibility, resulting in a potent and highly satisfying blend.' ?-Dave Lynch, All Music Guide 'This recording is a free-form, freewheeling delight. It's new music from a piano-less group, but the spirit is so playful, the soundscapes are so simple and rich, and the playing is so accomplished and together, that this dense and complicated_ new music falls richly and beautifully on the ears.'?-Donald Elfman, All About Jazz-New York 'On his impressive debut, a set of loose-limbed originals called Time and Imaginary Time (Envoi), this multireedist...achieves an admirable sense of space; his solos range far and wide, only rarely spinning out into the kind of busy density that can be suffocating.'?-Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader Bishop 'views the whole world of sound as his palette, finding inspiration everywhere from Armstrong and Coltrane to Hendrix, Boulez, or Balkan folk Music.'?-Piotr Michalowski, Ann Arbor Observer 'Being isolated in the Midwest allowed [Bishop the opportunity] to explore a lot of different areas without being pigeonholed.' -The Record, Troy, New York 'A new face on the scene, multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bishop's debut recording is full of promise and brio. Ably accompanied by ubiquitous drummer Gerald Cleaver and bassist Tim Flood, Bishop navigates a set employing everything from tenor sax driven Post-Bop burn outs to quiet, almost Neo-Classical textural pieces...A well conceived debut recording, Bishop is hopefully a player one will hear more from in the future.'?-Troy Collins, Cadence Magazine 'Every track shares a careful and clever composition, and Bishop's background in orchestral and chamber music is evident...Time and Imaginary Time is a bold debut from Bishop and a welcome addition to the world of jazz.'?-Thomas Fawcett, The Daily Texan.


Konstnären: Andrew Bishop
Titel: Time & Imaginary Time
Genre: Jazz
Releasedatum: 2006-06-13
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 874044001121


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