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Stronger Than I Seem

Stronger Than I Seem

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Andrea Hamilton doesn't just make music; she shares her heart. With a voice so smooth it feels like cool water to a parched soul, she sings her simple but insightful lyrics, tying listeners intimately to each verse. The talents she shares with all who tune in are simply honest, which in today's world should count as harder currency than bullion. And it certainly doesn't hurt that her perfectionist nature pushes her to create some of the cleanest and most ear-titillating pop sounds around. The integrity of Andrea's music comes from perceiving her life through the lens of her art, without missing a detail. In fact, not even sleep inhibits her. She keeps a spiral notebook by her pillow in hopes of waking up and transferring her slumber into lyrics-her own dream-catcher of sorts. Andrea received a musical head start with her unusual natural giftedness, but wisely began the never-ending process of refining her talents while still in high school, taking songwriting classes with writers from the Nashville Christian Music scene. Her efforts earned her a spot in the Top 20 New Worship Songs of the Year at the 2002 Gospel Music Association Conference. In addition, Andrea's songs have deservedly made their way onto several records in the Kansas City area, including her second of four bands, Quality Vinyl. She has also made beautiful music with the bands Entry No. Five, Impact, and Small Boat Sinking. Andrea is currently hard at work booking her own gigs and tours, and co-writing music with the brilliant minds of James Grey (who regularly co-writes with the accomplished artist, Tyrone Wells), story-singer Micah Dahlberg, and the Dolls (an L.A. based female pop group set to release their first E.P. this year). Andrea is also pursuing her bachelor's degree in Commercial Music at Azusa Pacific University while working internships with Chick Singer Night and Written by: Thomas Beigle


Konstnären: Andrea Hamilton
Titel: Stronger Than I Seem
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2006-03-14
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 837101141826
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