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Never Ending Story

Never Ending Story

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This limited-edition CD album "Never-ending Story" perfectly captures the genial ambience and jamming brilliance of the extraordinary talent of Anatoly Antonishen. A native Ukrainian, who is currently residing in Miami, FL, Anatoliy offers fans a special opportunity to enjoy high-quality and professionally mixed studio performances without compromise. For those fortunate enough to acquire a copy of Anatoliy Antonishen's CD album, this is a gem that surely compares with the top musician's performance. With a wide spectrum of international musical styles and cultures and a determination to stretch beyond the boundaries of traditional studio sessions, Anatoliy challenges himself and his audiences with his virtuoso bass guitar solos, as well as with his incredible vocal diapason. Anatoliy's stunning fusion of alternative rock, pop, and folky grooves never cease to amaze those of us who have heard his music. Unlike other studio albums, this CD is tasteful yet exciting with evidence of fun in large portions that always thrills listeners. Featuring remarkable performance of Anatoliy Antonishen (vocal and bass guitar), as well as Claudio Spiewak (guitar) who worked with Hulio Iglesias, and Matt Calderin (drums) who performed with Ricky Martin, the "Never Ending Story" CD album features mind-blowing music performance and sensational talent. The results of the diversity of the musicians' respective musical backgrounds is compelling; from an intricate passage of Anatoliy's bass guitar solos and vocal improvisations to virtuoso drums performance by Matt Calderin, this collection is a totally honest representation of the musical work you don't want to miss. In conclusion, as I writing this with Anatoliy Antonishen's music playing, I want to address you, the Reader: if you have an open mind and keen ears for musical excellence, you will not miss an invaluable opportunity to obtain a copy of Anatoliy's CD album "Never Ending Story." Once you will sit down and listen to Anatoliy's music, you will find that every word you've read above is true.


Konstnären: Anatoliy Antonishen
Titel: Never Ending Story
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2006-10-10
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 634479428289
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