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Beautiful Flower of Life

Beautiful Flower of Life

  • Genom Amy Barbera
  • Release 2008-07-01
  • Musikgenre Gospel
  • Media-Format CD
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A voice so angelic and inspirational it pierces the soul; creating a deep connection between the vocalist and the listener. With each of her original songs, there lies a fusion of power and emotion. The combination of Amy's talent, voice, lyrics, and melody have come together to create a therapeutic moment for all who listen. Her timeless vocal style transcends all cultural barriers as it speaks of relationships on every level. She is one who is active in the community; reaching out to individuals who are broken in spirit. The combination of her compassion and professionalism makes her an artist worth listening to over and over. 'Amy Barbera is more than just a blessed gift to the Inspirational genre of music, she is a godsend. Her songs are a colorful display of her deep passion, that envelops the listener in a canvas of hope and love. The absolute beauty that she delivers in her musical creations is a rich combination of the sincerity of her message and the angelic quality of her emotionally charged vocals. There is no doubt that she has been embraced by a higher power from above. Amy Barbera shines bright and delivers from the heart. She is destined to be recognized as one of the most sincere and passionate singer/songwriters of her time. Her compositions embrace the beauties of life and weave a glorious message to all. Amy Barbera hit a home run to heaven with her 13 song debut album 'Beautiful Flower of Life' that was offically released in June of 2008. Her amazing album will lift your spirits to a higher place. She is an accomplished live performer and professionally trained session vocalist that has dedicated her time to helping others time and time again. Her charitable efforts for the less fortunate have raised money to benefit many causes. These include appearances to benefit children with cancer, accident victims, special needs children and people who are suffering from the loss of a loved one. She mesmerizes audiences with her inspirational performances every time she graces the stage. Amy is praised by many national organizations for the healing energy she has provided at her live concerts. These include the Kiwanis Club and the Shriner's Hospitals. Her God's Special Angel Not For Profit Corporation is another one of her creations that benefits children in the USA and as far away as Uganda Africa.' Don Coleman-A/R Group International Each song on Amy's album was inspired by God to bring hope and healing to the heart of the listener. When purchasing Amy's CD all the song lyrics are included in Amy's 10 panel full color booklet. Here is the Inspiration behind each one of Amy's Songs............... 1.LET ME CRY LORD-Amy wrote this song during a very painful time in her life. During that time she was hurting so bad all she could do was cry out to God for help to ease the internal pain and heart break she was feeling! This song was written to help those in deep pain and sorrow! Amy understands your pain because she has been there herself! 2.GOD'S SPECIAL ANGEL-Amy wrote this song for special needs, sick, abused, and orphaned children all over the world! All of us have a special angel in our lives! All of God's children are truly God's Special Angels!! 3.WE WILL FLY-This song was written for the love of Amy's life! The music is actually from the movie soundtrack "The Notebook." On the 'The Notebook' soundtrack the song was originally just an instrumental but as soon as Amy heard it beautiful lyrics started coming to her. Her producer Ben Bagby actually replayed the piano on the album version. 4.YOUR LOVE IS SO REAL-Amy was inspired by God to write a very funny song about the unconditional love of God that all people could truly relate to. This song is really about how we all do stupid things and make mistakes, yet God still loves us unconditionally and his grace is always there to lift us up. 5.MAKE ME A BUTTERFLY-Amy wrote this song to bring hope and encouragement to all. This song is about transformation and positive change manifesting in ones life with the healing power of God's love and hope. 6.ONE DAY- Amy was inspired to write this song for those who are suffering from the loss of a loved one. This song brings hope that one day they will see their loved one in heaven again. 7.FLOWERS IN MY GARDEN- This jazzy very soothing song was actually the first song Amy had ever written. This is another song that really encourages the listener and brings hope in the midst of their pain and struggles. 8.BROKEN FATHER-This song is about the relationship between an individual and their father. The father plays a very significant role in a child's life and Amy felt that this song was needed to inspire healing, restoration, and forgiveness for those hurting from their fathers. 9.I HAD A DREAM-This was originally a poem that Amy wrote that was turned into a very heavenly angelic song about Jesus. Amy was inspired to write this after reading "Footprints In The Sand." This song is very calming to the soul and will bring peace and comfort to ones heart. 10.I NEED YOU-This is actually a love song Amy wrote! It is a beautifully written song about how someone feels after they lose someone they love very dearly. 11.CRIES FOR PEACE-Amy was inspired to write this song for the world in the midst of all the war, pain, and tragedy going on at this time. This song is a heartfelt cry out to God to bring peace and healing to our world that only he can bring. 12.ELECTRIC CHURCH-This is a fun up tempo Gospel song that will leave you smiling!! Amy wrote this song because she has a heart of evangelism and feels that it is very important that we as the church love the hurting, the lost, and the sick and that we all go outside the church walls and make a difference in the world as individuals. 13.THE HEALING SONG-This is a scripture based beautiful song for those who are sick and hurting. Amy was inspired to write this song to bring comfort and hope to the listener.


Konstnären: Amy Barbera
Titel: Beautiful Flower of Life
Genre: Gospel
Releasedatum: 2008-07-01
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 796873077569
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