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Hot Summer Days

Hot Summer Days

  • Genom Amy Arton
  • Release 2007-12-04
  • Musikgenre Country
  • Media-Format CD
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At seven years old, Amy's grandpa taught her to play her very first song on the guitar. The song was Silent Night. This was the beginning of a musical love affair for Amy. Soon after, she began putting lyrics to music. Through the years, she kept at it until eventually she joined the Nashville Songwriter's Association and ASCAP. Through them and other talented songwriters, she began perfecting her songwriting skills. Those skills held her a place in the Colgate Country Showdown where she was told that there was no doubt she could write and should pursue her dreams. This comment along with supporting friends fueled her fire and now, she's releasing her very first album. When asked about her influences, she stated, 'My biggest influences are my family, friends, and of course my fans. They are the reason I write and sing. As far as musical influences, I've met several singers/songwriters through out the years. They all inspire me. So, I can't say I've really been influenced by any one person or genre. My influences would have to be just about everyone from the classical greats to the country legends. I will say that I will always be a songwriter, first. I think songwriters get into our lives with their songs and touch our souls. That is what I strive for. I put all of my heart and soul into each and every song I write. When I've touched someone else's heart with my songs, I know I've succeeded.'


Konstnären: Amy Arton
Titel: Hot Summer Days
Genre: Country
Releasedatum: 2007-12-04
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 700261228730
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