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Girl Who Has Everything

Girl Who Has Everything

  • Genom Amy Abdou
  • Release 1999-12-07
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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There's a great deal to admire & wonder at on this release from US based artist Amy Abdou. Although there have been comparisons to Kate Bush & others, I'd say there's also a Tori Amos or even Ani DiFranco reference, with the same sort of brooding atmosphere & elegant instrumentation, though Amy stamps her own mark on the songs with her exceptionally wide vocal range. The opening track 'The Olive Tree' is certainly up there with the best music around, with some very innovative sounds, though my pick track here is the beautiful 'Muddy Water'. This is an album that works on so many levels it might take a week of consistent listening to discover it all, though I'd have to say that even if you don't discover all that's here, you'll be much better off if you grasp just a little bit. - hEARd International, Spring 2000 Call your album 'The Girl Who Has Everything' and folks tend to expect a lot. Fortunately, on her new album of that name, Amy Abdou delivers. What's 'everything' according to Abdou? Start with her voice, a tremendously flexible alto capable of ethereal soft-spoken Kate Bush-like flights, declamatory Tori Amos wails and everything between. Then there's the band, a muscular but sensitive instrument whose signature sound is Alan Okey's virtuoso Jaco Pastorius-like bass. And maybe most of all, she has the songs - smart in their structures and wordplay, grown-up in their depth, and expertly matched to voice and arrangements. - Michael Hochanadel, The Daily Gazette, April 7, 2000 Both edgy and airy, Amy Abdou's new release is that rare thing - broad enough to be universal, and personal enough to cut deep. 'The Girl Who Has Everything', blends prog-rock, world, folk and classical musics, yet manages to be progressive without being ponderous. It's both good and good for you. - Mitch Rothchild, Boston Rock, October 1999 The mesmerizing vocals of Amy Abdou are ethereal yet with an edge, and the songs are downright habit forming. The lyrical acuity of 'Stick Around,' with it's shimmering pop surface, gives way to so many deeper levels below. The cosmic glue and bottom running through this CD is the tastefully flawless bass playing of Alan Okey. Clearly, Amy Abdou is 'The Girl Who Has Everything.' - Matt MacHaffie, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah The Girl Who Has Everything includes a set of wonderfully written and well played songs that give center stage to Abdou's songs and vocals. The album is really about songs and Abdou's wonderful voice.... - Aural Innovations.


Konstnären: Amy Abdou
Titel: Girl Who Has Everything
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 1999-12-07
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 790381052421
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