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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

  • Genom Amir Frohlich
  • Release 2007-09-11
  • Musikgenre New Age
  • Media-Format CD
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Produkt anteckningar

Amir's new Vocal Project - Chapter two, is dealing with late couple's second relations. 1. Prologue (2.40) A melancholy piano plays a motif of hope followed by a vocal harmony, soft and loving yet pushing away. As if going back and forth, the small choir is joined by violins as an answer of a strong new hope, but deep inside nests a feeling of loss and anxiety, wondering about a new whole future. 2. Turbulence (3.35) Fears and confusion mix in a fugue of three different independent voices yet depending harmoniously with each other, leading themselves towards her-his hope Hug me Hold me 3. Passions (5.07) In a small room under the shade of a Peacan tree like the womb from which dreams of past worlds are born, over the Carpatian mountains where the ancient passions of the gypsies blow in the wind as legends. Like the Hungarian story goes on to say... "I could have loved you if you would come to me, but you were afraid - of yourself..... afraid - of anyone afraid of what would be ? what people would say - for leaving your life - going to another life another place, another future..." 4. Dancing The Waltz (3.58) In order to go on...we must dance again, make simple circles of one, two, three, Not too complicated, fast easy and flowing. We can hug with no commitment, we can smile, laugh, flirt, wear and strip the masks of one great party in which it seems, for one magical moment everyone loves each other... 5. The Warmth Of Your Body (4.35) A gaze of pretty soft eyes from a picture in a cold and purposeful web dating site, brings forth a meeting and acquaintanceship, raisin the sounds of a Jewish violin or the tender gypsy notes, "The warmth of your body the softness in your eyes your passion, your thoughts I love you" 6. Something (4.22) A couple begins where the words end, making way to sounds and harmony, To sighs, syllables and vowels, to the honest flow between human beings... 7. Longing (4.47) There are always longings to the past And there are always memories of things we might have done differently. The sounds of the classical orderly past will echo from the violins and trombones, And they will forever flow in harmony towards the present, Strengthening it in the daily struggle 8. Chapter 2 (4.00) And now, in the thunder of drums, The pounding of the heart grows stronger, The sad reflections make way to hope and regeneration, Suspicions turn to security, Promises turn to deeds And the yearning turns to a strong bond In thought - and sounds In dreams - and colour 9. Touchings (4.01) In the soft sensuality and clouding senses, We flee the surrounding daily routine, Towards the gentleness of the touch And the caressing softness 10 . Closeness (3.45) Out of silence and hopes, Out of anticipation and fulfillment, The looks and voices, The storms and feeling, Closeness was born.


Konstnären: Amir Frohlich
Titel: Chapter 2
Genre: New Age
Releasedatum: 2007-09-11
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 634479629990
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