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Level 3 = I Want You to Love Me

Level 3 = I Want You to Love Me

(Duplicated CD)
  • Genom American Zen
  • Release 2008-09-26
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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AMERICAN ZEN features THE HIPPY COYOTE, previously hailed as \'The Best Flute Player In The World,\' who has spent the last two years playing drums. This is Coyote\'s first album as a drummer and it will impress audiences with songs like, \'House Of Rejection,\' a jazzy psychedelic feel, and rock\'n\'roll songs such as, \'All Around The World.\' The two previous albums detailed The Coyote\'s struggles with Utah Mormons while living in Salt Lake City. This album, LEVEL 3 = I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME, is about the love affairs Coyote pursued upon his return to California. SOUND DESCRIPTION: Lively danceable romantic folk rock of the flower power years led by The Hippy Coyote on rockin\' acoustic and Ginger Baker drums mixed with Bad Company and T. Rex lustiness. SOUNDS LIKE: Bad Company Jethro Tull The Rolling Stones The Beatles The Kinks The Moody Blues T. Rex SONGLIST: SONGS: I Want You To Love Me All Around The World I Just Want To Be With You In Line House Of Rejection Change Your Mind All Alone Hurts To Know Musical Woman Carol In Dreams POEMS: My Lesbian Neighbors Whatever Everything Magic Lady 1,000 Sorrows For A Love Let\'s Go To Church God Is Smaller Than You Think Civilized World Omnipresence Intuition My World Patience BIOGRAPHY: LEVEL 3 = I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME is the third album from American Zen. Recorded in Tujunga and completed during his eviction to Montrose, California, this album represents Coyote\'s nonpolitical personal spirituality. The 12 poems all contain bass by Coyote that adds a new dimension to his poetry. Coyote\'s first album as a drummer pushes the band into more aggressive rock\'n\'roll and surf music. LEVEL 2 = CHRIST KILLER is the second album from American Zen. It continues the story of THE HIPPY COYOTE, bandleader who got lured to Utah by a cute blonde girl. His years in Utah cemented his Zen Buddhism. LEVEL 1 = PEACE OF MIND tells the true stories of Coyote\'s battle with the MORMONS of Salt Lake City, Utah. Rescued by the Chinese, Coyote emerges at the forefront of the Asian community performances. Born in Pacific Beach, California, deported to Canada, graduated High School at Prince Of Wales Collegiate, lived on a boat in Newfoundland, and hitchhiked North America from coast to coast and Vancouver to Baja Mexico...always carrying a guitar, a flute, or at least a harmonica. Coyote is the Folk Rock Troubadour. Song Downloads: American Zen is an exclusive artist of: ----------------------- DISCOGRAPHY: 2005 Level 1 = Peace Of Mind 2007 Level 2 = Christ Killer 2008 Level 3 = I Want You To Love Me.


Konstnären: American Zen
Titel: Level 3 = I Want You to Love Me
Genre: Rock
Attribut: Duplicated CD
Releasedatum: 2008-09-26
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 634479886874
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