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Element of Doom

Element of Doom

  • Genom American Trash
  • Release 2004-02-24
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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'AMERICAN TRASH - yeah I heard of that, isn't that a bar? Yes, the name came from a bar in New York City across the street from the singer's apartment. There is something incredibly appropriate about the name American Trash. Here's this dark, dirty, loud, Harley Davidson, Rock'n'Roll bar that blasts Motorhead every hour on the hour dead smack in the middle of this yuppie, ladies who lunch, stroller gridlock Upper East side neighborhood. It doesn't fit...doesn't belong. The neighbors have been trying to shut it down forever. But they can't. It thrives. Due to the loyal, hard drinking patrons that need this oasis. So now, here's this dark, dirty, loud band that sounds like a cross between Guns n Roses, AC/DC, Ozzy and Alice In Chains. A little old school, a little punk, a little fast, in the middle of this teen pop, rap rock, white boy dreadlock music scene. American Trash... It just rocks. Really, really hard. What else could they possibly call it? Formed in 2000, all the members knew each other from other bands that would cross paths at New Haven's 'Toads Place'. They've all been through the ringer. Everybody had been in bands that would've, should've, could have. At this point they all just wanted it hard and fast. Nothing to do with what's fashionable or trendy...City, Suburban, dirt bag, six pack, Muscle-car music for people like us who like that shit. One of the guitar players ran JØETOWN studios and the group set up there with no agenda. The first record, 'The Bourbon Experiment' was recorded over a few weekend sessions with the booze flowing. Nobody wanted to think too much or deal with trying to fit things outside of the musical bag, the direction happened pretty organically. The record kicks...there was a spark in the reckless abandon approach to the songwriting. The tunes like 'Time Bomb,' 'Starbaby,' and 'Brain Grenade' do it. Then they thought who knows? Maybe this will catch on. Maybe when you stop doing what you think you have to do, and do what you do, it clicks. They got serious. The live shows are explosive. Couple kinks in the beginning. Little too much rock n roll show with the Rock'n'Roll show. But they got on the stick, Got a great thing going in NYC at the Continental, good crowds. Couple trips to LA, la land, some shows, some studios. And, BAM, 2003, the second record, 'The Element Of Doom' drops the bomb. American Trash has come into their own. The influences fermented into their own blend. A unique immediately identifiable sound, everything old is new again. The songwriting went next level - 'Hole In My Soul,' 'Make the Call' and 'Devil' have got the industry on notice. Whether it's going to blow up international or just plain blow up, it's going to be entertaining.


Konstnären: American Trash
Titel: Element of Doom
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2004-02-24
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 655786070220
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