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Destroying the World to Save It

Destroying the World to Save It

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'Rockabilly from New York? That's American Sex Machinesomewhat. They've thrown in elements of hard rock and indie rock as well as punk. Having only been together since July 05 I must admit how surprised I am at their tight suite of nine tracks that at times remind one of Sum 41 and at other times recall the exploits of the Guana Batz. The vocals are extremely catchy and the guitar work is bouncy and fun. Not bad at all and I imagine when you work as hard as these guys do you should be treated to the success that for them is surely only just around the corner.' - J-Sin, With years spent in the strong Long Island Rock Scene, Ian Washington met up with Joey Dina in November 2004 to put together a project that would change the world. After writing only the guitar tracks, Ian and Joey decided they needed more of an edge to their music. They felt that Killingsworth Recording Studio and producer/engineer Tomas Costanza [Diffuser; Hollywood Records] could do this. At the studio Ian and Joey hooked up with bassist Mike Tucci and drummer Keith Cooper. Through months of pre-production, more writing and practically moving into the studio the number was finally down to ten and recording would begin. In the month of July 2005 Destroying The World To Save It was born. Before the new year American Sex Machine had sold countless demos and played shows all across the Eastern seaboard. Although Mike and Keith's time in the band was beneficial, unfortunately it wasn't permanent. In February 2006 Ian was talking with long time High School friend Jared Kaplan. After only playing together once they felt the connection was right. Soon enough Jared was playing bass for American Sex Machine. From their growing popularity in the Long Island scene it attracted drummer Jesse Hayes to the mix, despite his striking resemblance to Jodie Foster. In June 2006 'Destroying The World To Save It' was finally pressed and released, followed immediately by a three-week East Coast Tour. After substantial success in starting a loyal fan base tour proved to be the right decision. The need to constantly be on the road was a realization. Jesse, realizing the stresses of the road were not for him and due to personal obligations he had to leave American Sex Machine. Days later Ian, Joey and Jared found Kevin Norris in a karaoke bar singing James Brown. It was at that moment they realized he was a born Sex Machine. After starting a conversation with this Sex Machine they found out he played drums and asked him to come audition. Blowing them away with his unique drum style, dedication, and rock 'n roll mentality they knew he'd complete this orgasmic supernatural phenomenon. American Sex Machine will not only stir the pot but cook something up that you've never seen before.


Konstnären: American Sex Machine
Titel: Destroying the World to Save It
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2006-10-17
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 880270077120
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