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Hateva Nature Skin of God

Hateva Nature Skin of God

  • Genom Amen
  • Release 2012-10-11
  • Musikgenre Heavy Metal
  • Media-Format CD
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Gabriel Meyer Halevy & Amir Paiss met in the deserts & woods of Israel in 1994 and in Orisa, India, while traveling extensively around the world, studying music, healing and the art of prayer & intention from different sacred traditions. Later on, in the village of Amirim in the Galilee mountains of Northern Israel, they created their "Amen ensemble", starting with their unique trilogy of Hebrew Wisdom & Spirit . The Essential and Mystical Torah: Merkavah ( 2001 ) The Torah of Nature: Hateva - Skin of God ( 2008 - new release! ) & The Holy Guests: Ushpizin( work in progress ) Merkavah their first album is a musical ritual. A Hebrew psychedelic opera.In Merkavah we find the vision of Ezekiel (chapter 1) composed and recorded to original music, next to the Ten Sayings of Creation, the Ten Commandments and the Hebrew Mantra: "Love thy Kin as Thyself". The track: ''Run and returned'' was featured in Peacedrum ( compilation volume 2 and was nominated as finalist for best world music track in MusicOz awards 2006. Their newest album! Hateva - Skin of God is Deep Ecology to Global Sacred Beat. A blend of ancient Hebrew wisdom & original lyrics revealing Divine embodiment in the Natural world. Hateva - Nature - in gematria (kabbalistic numerology) is the equivalent of Elohim, the divine name related to our perception and understanding of the Wholy One. New melodies by world music and singersongwriter pioneers: Jai Uttal, Shimshai and Gil Ron Shama, Avishai Bar Natan (from the seminal band Sheva) and of course Amir Paiss (Sheva)- Amen's musical producer - and Gabriel Meyer Halevy - concept and text choice from Hebrew sources - who added their melodies and wrote also original words. Defying distance and geographycal proximity, Hateva was created and recorded by Amir and Gabriel around the Globe: Costa Rica, Crete, Australia, Sinai, California, Tel Aviv and New York. Once upon a time, art, healing and the love of mystery danced together to the rhythm of holiness. Today in Israel, hints of awakening of modern Levites emerge, as living collective memory of our ancient temple culture. We are witnessing, not the fragmentation of musicians and audience, but the rebirth of holy community through contemporary devotional music in it's original Hebrew language.Free to sing the sacred and prophetic songs, soaring in our hearts.


Konstnären: Amen
Titel: Hateva Nature Skin of God
Genre: Heavy Metal
Releasedatum: 2012-10-11
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 7290013014788
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