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El Arte Nunca Muere

El Arte Nunca Muere

  • Genom Alp
  • Release 2007-04-24
  • Musikgenre Electronic
  • Media-Format CD
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Produkt anteckningar

It's the white man and he will let it bleed for the nightmare force and the metal heat the cockpit is my mirror down here das spiel mit den dingen hermetisch verriegelte schloesser dekadentes pack aus dem alten europa zauberei aus China künstliche intelligenzen und eis schwarz wie ein grab founded in 1998 in (Prenzlauer Berg in East-) Berlin, Alp are: mattef (git, bgit, laptop), kon hh (git), alex machine (drums, organ) and dj straylight (turntables). inspired by wilsons villa straylight, Alp started as duo with tom v.a. and mattef, collecting small samples from different music styles. After some time had passed, the idea of performing live awoke. Together with ampere at the sampler and dj straylight they mixed toms hard metal guitar riffs with mattefs jazz ambitions. In the following years Alp played a lot of concerts. After a break in 2002 Alp reformed and have now released their latest CD. This album contains tracks inspired by the soundtracks for the silent movies "nosferatu" (f.w. murnau, Germany, 1922) and "battleship potemkin" (sergej eisenstein, USSR, 1925). without piano doodling, without the pathos of keyboard-loaded film music, Alp combine silent film orchestration and modern soundscapes to a live event, which rips the floor from under the audiences feet. Whilst the old film rolls down the cinematograph, Alp are sawing on the nerves of our times. Alp on tour are playing a little bit like a cracked up person - here with there live movie soundtracks, there with a "classical band live set". Alp stands for the creative underground scene that is boiling in Berlin these days, combining not just different musical genres, but bringing together film and music, the past and the present, all this in a self created moment of time.


Konstnären: Alp
Titel: El Arte Nunca Muere
Genre: Electronic
Releasedatum: 2007-04-24
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 4260112330020
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