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Classically Speaking

Classically Speaking

  • Genom Alonzo Walker
  • Release 2006-07-18
  • Musikgenre Classical Artists
  • Media-Format CD
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The album 'Classically Speaking' is not only the introduction of the author of all the poems, Alonzo Walker; this debut album it is also an introduction of a new genre of music - Musical Poetry. The differentiating factor of musical poetry is that it is performed without verses, choruses, bridges and hooks as in all other genres. The key to the furor over this work is Alonzo's passion that comes through with each poem. Nothing speaks more profoundly of this passion as his 'Tribute to My Mom' poem that was the genesis of this project. Alonzo wrote this poem when his mother passed away at age 79 in 2001. From that pain came passion and procession. The sequel to this poem three months later titled 'Miss You Much' is a deluge of his heart in the poetic verbalized form. Alonzo also expresses his knowledge and life skills of the corporate life in the poems 'The Experience of a Lifetime' and 'Change Agent'. Remarkably what is also noteworthy is Alonzo's love and warmth for his children. As so expressed in 'A Man Called Dad' he eloquently describes what he didn't have juxtaposed with the father he has become. In a lighter more versatile moment Alonzo, a lifelong Cubs fan, also writes about his disappointment with the club's loss in the 2003 Playoffs. All of Alonzo's poems were written and performed by him to a background of classical music. The symphonic classical music and the alluvion mosaic sound of Alonzo's passionate voice resonate so clearly it feels like he's speaking to you personally. More than writing a poem, a short story is told that is a reflection of life's experiences that undoubtedly resonates universally with the listener. Alonzo is an accomplished poet having written hundreds and now is introducing his talent through musical poetry. A former corporate executive, Alonzo held key strategic roles in human resources for over 17 years. While he has both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree from Southern Illinois University he is always seeking the 'real life' perspective that the demands of everyday living dictates. This new, revolutionary and timely introduction of musical poetry has been described as a breath of fresh air to all that has heard it and promises to be a lifelong encouragement to each listener.


Konstnären: Alonzo Walker
Titel: Classically Speaking
Genre: Classical Artists
Releasedatum: 2006-07-18
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 837101189798
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