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A hard person to really know, Allister Bradley is the kind of guy who would rather sit quietly at a dinner party and listen to the conversations going on around him, though he can never quite resist the urge to contribute whenever it will draw laughter, or perhaps the passing of a beverage through someone's nose... Yes, this is a humble man with a quiet wit, which is why his songs are often surprising in their insight, passion and emotional intensity. To meet him on the street, one would never guess at the depths of emotion playing, or perhaps churning, inside him. Okay, so it's easy to see how a witty man like this would pen songs like "Bring Me A Beer" or "The Tip of my Tongue", but step inside songs like "Goodbye, Bedford Falls", "Not Today" or "If Ever I Cried" and you'll meet a man who pays attention to the pain, the pleasure, the conflict and the joy of those around him. No, he didn't attend a school for the performing arts (his parents insisted it was unsafe to pursue a career in music), he hasn't been playing in bands since high school, he's forgotten almost as much about classical music as he ever learned in those many years of 5:30am piano practice. Instead, a university degree in Mathematics and 15 years developing software for corporate interests gave way to a yearning to actually make an impact on people's lives. The years of music lessons, high school band, and a lifetime of listening and enjoying music, have solidified into a musical foundation that he's built upon with specialized training in the craft of songwriting. Now that he's out of the corporate world and back onto the stage, we can have the opportunity to glimpse into the mind of the quick wit (or is that half-wit?) with the extremely serious side, the shy boy who is finally telling stories the way he sees them. Bradley quietly released his debut album "No Games" in 2004, an album which still gets regular airplay for 4 of it's songs despite a woefully inadequate marketing campaign. Two of the songs earned award nominations in 2006, one for Canadian Smooth Jazz Songwriter of the Year, another for Toronto Independent Music Awards' Best Male Performer. Not bad for a woefully inadequate marketing campaign... The follow-up album was released in March 2008. Entitled 'Too', this is Bradley's cheeky way of numbering his album for those that pay attention. Not that the title track is anything cheeky - instead, look for a brief glimpse at the pressures society places, on women in particular, to be 'perfect' in every way. This song, along with "Valentine's Day", reveal the R&B influence that has long percolated within Bradley's subconscious. Follow that up with emotional love songs like "This House" and "Hurt You", social consciousness songs like "Not Today" and "Coming Home", fabulous stories like "Me and the Ghosts of St. Andrews", and of course, something cheeky on "The Tip of My Tongue", and you'll get a pretty good idea what this songwriter is all about... Bradley also developed a motion picture soundtrack in 2007 for the independent film "A Day in the Life of a Psychopath", and is working on another soundtrack for "Mona and Theo", due for release in 2008. He is producing recordings for several Ontario artists, and is often found mentoring other songwriters.


Konstnären: Allister Bradley
Titel: Too
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2008-04-01
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 775020848726