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Lead Me to the Light

Lead Me to the Light

  • Genom Alice Olsen
  • Release 2003-09-02
  • Musikgenre New Age
  • Media-Format CD
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About Alice Olsen: Alice Olsen is a singer, composer, healer, teacher and music publisher. She studied sound healing with Don Campbell, Jonathan Goldman and others and is a second degree Reiki practitioner with a variety of experiences in energy work and music healing. She has presented several workshops on the power of music and it's healing properties. 'Lead Me To The Light' is her first album of heart healing songs. It has been used as a tool in her presentations on vibrational healing and has also been used by therapist to help promote emotional release. Alice has been a singer since birth but became a professional musician while in college studying voice and music education. She sang and played guitar and early music wind instruments for a variety of venues. Her first major composition was a multi-media work that was performed at a national conference. An elementary music teacher for many years, Alice continued to perform in community theater, present vocal recitals and early music concerts in her community. She was a founding member of the Dhahran Early Music Consort as well as Wie Kommer In Frit and Ole and The Hotshots (two Scandinavian dance bands), She also continued composing; writing choral works for her students to perform. Out of her writing for children came the development of Alice Olsen Publishing Co. Which has been selling song collections since 1987. Her main emphasis has been the Orff approach, a popular music teaching method of which she has been frequent workshop clinician. Author of over 50 works, her music has been published by Hal Leonard Publications, Waterloo Music and Warner Bros. As well as by her own publishing company. These pieces are currently in use in more than 30 countries. Currently Alice focuses her time writing songs. She has co-written several songs with Bob Lawyer (pop/folk). Daryl Keith Norman (country), Elizabeth Peach (children's musicals) and Ande Rasmussen (sacred songs). Her commitment to music for the heart and energy healing is still strong. She has recently been a student of James Twyman learning The Art Of Spiritual Peacemaking and has been trained as an Emissary of Love. She hopes her songs will open and bring love to your heart and delight your spirit. About Lead Me To The Light: Filled with light and love, these are songs of beauty to heal the heart. They are a uniquely satisfying collection, a sensitive blending of Pop, Rock, New Age, Folk and Worldbeat. Alice Olsen weaves a magical web with her pure tones and her sparkling vocals, revealing depth and vulnerability. A variety of acoustic and electric instruments complete this rich tapestry. This is a recording to cherish. Here's what people are saying about 'Lead Me To The Light': 'From heart to spirit, Alice Olsen's music is beautiful, sensitive and enchanting.' Don Campbell (author of 'The Mozart Effect') 'Alice Olsen's bright voice, glowing spirit and heartfelt songs create a truly wonderful musical experience.' David Gordon (Metropolitan Opera Tenor) 'We find this music to be useful in the reception areas of our healing centers.' Ranae Johnson (founder of Rapid Eye Therapy) 'Alice Olsen's music is enchanting and is a gift to us all. The sacred tones that flow from her are like a refreshing rain.' James T. Twyman (Peace Troubadour and author of 'Emissary Of Light')


Konstnären: Alice Olsen
Titel: Lead Me to the Light
Genre: New Age
Releasedatum: 2003-09-02
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 737885311920
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