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Space Serene

Space Serene

  • Genom Alexander
  • Release 2003-07-15
  • Musikgenre New Age
  • Media-Format CD
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Album Description I've wanted for a long time to create a CD of music that sustains a certain beautiful space to allow myself and anyone wishing it to flow into deep, fulfilling relaxation. A music with an earthy substance as well as an ethereal delicacy that allows one to go onto subtle healing places within and have time to let that adventure unold as it wants. I hope you will find this a space serene, capable of entertaining many repeated visits. This is one 58 minute piece. About the Artist Alexander's previous two CDs 'New Visions In Sedona' and 'Dreams Of Sedona' have sold many thousands of copies and been used extensively by massage therapists, emotional therapists and in general by people in creative and sometimes stressful occupations who find in this music a clarity and inspiration. Music from these CDs has been uses in videos, such as 'Accupressure: The Timeless Art Of Self Healing' and in series of hypnosis tapes by author Patrick Porter ( Awaken The Genius Within ), as well as others. Alexander has performed his music from coast to coast and now has a studio in Sedona, Arizona. Letting Go, September 5, 2002 Reviewer: Anthony Correa from Oahu, Hi United States I first became acquainted with Alexander's music through his albums, New Visions in Sedona and Dreams of Sedona. His compositions delight the ear and awaken the soul. As I listened to A Space Serene sitting in my recliner, I could feel the tensions leaving my body. My breathing became deeper and more regular. Slowly, mind chatter faded (for me this is not easily accomplished). I found myself transported to a space where musical phrases would emerge from the void, do a dance and disappear in measured succession. It was a most relaxing and entrancing experience from which I returned refreshed and renewed. This album certainly accomplishes it's intended purpose - highly recommended. A Star in Space, August 26, 2002 Reviewer: Carol J Strunc from Westchester, IL USA I love it. A Space Serene is a mesmerizing spiritual journey, in which the final destination is a place called 'Peace'. Not a good idea to put this on in your car after a long, hard day's work, unless you're entertaining thoughts of leaving this world, because it's lulling effect will certainly accomplish that mission for you. Wait until you get home, relax, and then let it carry you away to those other worlds. A wonderful way to begin or end, your day. Please check out all my CDs on CD Baby: New Visions In Sedona Dreams Of Sedona A Space Serene Tour Of The Galaxies Moonlight On Water Something Like Jazz Thanks for the new CD (A Space Serene). It's hypnotic! I love it. It's really nice to have on the computer when I'm working. Very soothing. Nancy Seidler, artist And from an air traffic controller: 'Please pass along to Alexander that his music, to me, is like a refuge at the end of my workday when I'm done controlling aircraft. I thoroughly enjoy it and look forward to more.'


Konstnären: Alexander
Titel: Space Serene
Genre: New Age
Releasedatum: 2003-07-15
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 780221011329
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