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New Visions in Sedona

New Visions in Sedona

  • Genom Alexander
  • Release 2003-07-01
  • Musikgenre New Age
  • Media-Format CD
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Although I loved so many musician/composers I never had a ?god?. I never learned to play note for note the songs of anyone. If I wanted enough to learn a song I did but most of my time was given to playing this music not quite like any other. A spatial soundscape that I was free in and that made the most sense to me. Alexander Keyboard Magazine 'Alexander echoes more than a bit of Sedona's magic.' Mark Christensen, former Rolling Stone columnist 'My take is that most new age stuff is just muzak, but I really liked this album. It's varied, inventive and suave.' P.J.Birosik, syndicated columnist 'Joyously reminding us of the lovliness that surrounds us.' Album Description My visions began long before I came to Sedona, but nowhere else I've been has a landscape so supported those visions and urged me to be freest and listen to my heart so completely. It's satisfying to know that this music has been embraced by massage therapists, subtle bodyworkers of many disiplines, body movement classes, visualization classes, and simply used by people of all kinds to get clear, relax and discover deeper places in themselves. From the Artist One of the best packages of letters I ever received was in response to the use of this album by a therapist working with emotionally disturbed inner city children. She started using New Visions In Sedona as means to relax these students and then started having them create visualizations to the music. She eventually asked them to write down what they were experiencing and direct it as a letter to the composer. They were of course hand printed and some included drawings. Here's two examples: Dear Alexander, I want to thank you from making that music, it made me relax and feel better and took me to a place were I thought I will never go, so I went to a beautiful castle that was made out of gold, so thank you. Ayesha Holman. Dear Alexander, I saw things I never saw before. But when I layed on my mat at home I loved what I saw. Your music is a nice relaxing song I ever heard. It makes me relax and feel good. Love Jennifer Williams Please check out all my CDs on CD Baby: New Visions In Sedona Dreams Of Sedona A Space Serene Tour Of The Galaxies Moonlight On Water Something Like Jazz A Magical and Wonderful CD, March 22, 2000 Reviewer: Robert from Marshfield, VT When I listened to this CD for the first time, I was transported to a spacious and beautiful interior landscape. Alexander is a master of the synthesizer, and other instruments. This music takes the listener on a series of inner journeys through moods of contemplation, serenity, awe and awakening. Some of the cuts are hauntingly lovely and emotionally charged. Others evoke the mystic rapture of unimaginable cosmic spaces. Alexander clearly knows the inner worlds, and he also knows how to 'show' them to his listeners. I meditated with this music, and found it to be the most powerful audio aid I have discovered. But it is also great for social gatherings. The atmosphere it creates is totally positive, and is NOT like so much other (boring) New Age music. This is what that genre OUGHT to be like!


Konstnären: Alexander
Titel: New Visions in Sedona
Genre: New Age
Releasedatum: 2003-07-01
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 780221011121
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