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Teach Me to Walk

Teach Me to Walk

  • Genom Alesia House
  • Release 2002-01-29
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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Album Description: The debut project from Christian singer-songwriter, Alesia House, packs lots of praise-filled, soul-searching pop and ballad tunes bolstered with tight vocal harmonies that will lift your spirit and build your faith. This project lays out 10 inspiring songs of faith & worship originally penned by the artist herself. In addition to being an accomplished singer-songwriter, Alesia, personally performs all but one of the piano tracks in an innovative pop & gospel style. She is backed by some spectacular background vocal arrangements as well as lively guitar, sax and electronic drum accompaniment. In addition, she is joined by a very talented guest pianist on the selection...Big, Big God. This ground-breaking new release is destined to top the charts! Bring home your copy today! Comments by the artist: Dear Listener, I don't believe this CD came about by chance. It's inspired! As you listen to the words of each song, let them penetrate your heart & stir your faith. I know without a doubt that they will minister to you! I had the most fun putting this project together. I was privileged to work with some of the most outstanding and talented vocalists and musicians that helped bring each song to life. This project is a dream come true. Our God is a BIG, BIG God and He is a Covenant Keeper! Enjoy! From my heart, Alesia Song Descriptions by Alesia: You've Got A Plan for My Life...A fun, hip-hop, toe-tapping type of song...lots of acoustic guitar and drums with keyboard background vocals. It doesn't matter where you have been or what you have done. I believe that so many of us spend our whole Christian walk sitting on our backsides waiting for God to show us the big picture...His big plan. Nevertheless, if we would just get up and say, 'Lord what's your plan for today? What do you want me to do today?' If we would just start walking in His plan for today then we would walk right into the big picture. Covenant Keeper...In your face...bang-it-out type of song...great harmony & background vocal fills...bright keyboard, brass fills and electric guitar. This song sings of how God watches over His Word to make sure that it happens in your life the way that He said it would. If it's in His Word then, bless God, He's gonna do it!! Take Him at his Word! Lord, I Praise You...Contemporary praise & worship song...piano accompanied by organ fills...electric guitar solo fills. There's no one better to praise than my God. When I praise Him I want it to be from the very depths of my soul-with everything I've got. Lift up His name! You Are My a love song to Jesus. Nice, soft, dreamy song...soulful, romantic ballad with tremendous background fills. Soft piano, keyboard & light drums set the mood. He is my very very life...without Him I am nothing. Big, Big God...duet with my mom...Can you tell us apart? This is a fun, jammin' song...extremely great Southern-gospel piano and organ fills...even a few growls. Friend, realize that He is a Big God...big enough to take care of you and your family. The point is that if you've placed your life in God's hands then enjoy the ride because there is nothing to worry about! The title cut, Teach Me To Walk, is the cry of my heart. Classical piano style with nice string accompaniment...solo voice by me...powerful worship. It's calling on God to help me walk this walk. It's saying 'Lord, teach me how to do this thing and live this life with You.' I want to walk in His Spirit and in His wisdom day by walk and talk with Him, spend time right by His side. That's where I want to be...a daily walk with him. Holy a worship song...a love song. Sentimental, heart-sung ballad...great for those quiet moments with the Lord...piano & strings build this piece. I want to tell Him that He's holy and there is no God like him. He's the only one I serve! You Give Me Reason...this is my fun, pop-style praise song. Tight harmonies...have-a-good-time song...drums & guitar drive the tune. I'm just saying, 'God, You give me reason to praise You...for Your joy, Your blessings, Your mercy. All of Your goodness makes me want to sing Your praise! We Have Been Washed...this is a great hymnal or choir piece. Jazzy number with piano and sax...basic statement & foundation of our belief-the Blood of Jesus. As Christians, we all need to know and remember that we were bought for a high price. That price was the precious blood of Jesus and, thank God, our sins are washed in the precious blood of the Anointed One Jesus. In Your a song that sums it all up. A long, very peaceful worship song...simple, with string intro and piano solo throughout. Solo voice by me...excellent quiet time with the Lord song. No matter where you matter what you's in His presence that you will find everything for which you're searching. When you are in His presence you are changed and wonderful things take place in your heart and life.


Konstnären: Alesia House
Titel: Teach Me to Walk
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2002-01-29
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 656613632727
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