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  • Genom Albert L. Gunn
  • Release 2008-11-11
  • Musikgenre New Age
  • Media-Format CD
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The "Waterhole" was born out of a seed thought idea created using the ancient instrument called the M'bira. The "Waterhole" is an example of the intentionality to manifest creative ideas. The "Waterhole" is an example of creative sound vibration encapsulating the hidden principles in nature. It infuses the transformational atoms into the subtle bodies which can only be activated upon awareness of creative consciousness. The sounds of nature are formalized into a harmonious synthesis according to the seed idea thus the essentials in one can be liberated. The "Waterhole" is an example and manifestation of the birth of a impregnated thought into reality. Therefore when listening to the music you will receive the essence of it's thought. In order to hear the subtle message, relax the mind and free it of all old concepts. This enables you to hear with your inner voice of reality. As you receive the thought vibration in consciousness, the natural principle of synchronicity and divine communalism are activated and deposited into our atomic substance. The result is that you will feel lighter, energized, uplifted, inspired and creative! You will carry this experience with you throughout your daily life activity until the vibration wears off due to lack of focus The "Waterhole" is an example of the coming together and sharing talents of creativity. It is the awakening, the opening of the door to infinite creation. We would appreciate you sharing your experience with us. You must relax the mind by visualizing the image of the "Waterhole" and observe the images and thoughts that come into your mind naturally. But first, let go of all concepts, pains, jealousies, fears and any other negative thoughts. Remember that pure consciousness is reached in the stillness of life. After purchasing the CD a free instructional booklet will be available for download. The "Waterhole" is the journey of inner unfoldment into the realm of creative mind which consist of four movements: 1.Threshold: Awakening the fire within The awakening is the beginning of the journey toward the source of universal intelligence. When you reach the threshold in consciousness, you discover the process of being purified by the fire of energy! It is the blending and diffusing of consciousness and energy. It's learning to listen to the inner voice of creativity. It is the tuning into the rising vibration through the consciousness of the love nature. It is learning to balance the polarities of positive/negative or good/evil. The first awakening is an awareness of the unconscious mind. It is the process of inner cleansing of old thought forms by recognizing and differentiating the images of good and evil. It is the awareness of the transformation of the mind, body and spirit. It is the understanding that poverty is the manifestation of a poor spirit of thought. Entering the threshold is a journey into the disintegration of old thought forms that bind the mind and the mental thought process. Entering the threshold is a self-conscious decision to relax and let go of all that which is false. 2.New Beginning: The transformational awakening is the bringing forth of the power of inner creativity to build a new earth It is the manifestation of transformation through creative expression. It is the building of the new earth from within. It is the breathing inward to attract the new transformational atoms. It is the process of the interpretation of the inner spirit of constructive reality. It is the manifestation of the evolutionary transformation of thought through creative inspiration and self-enlightenment. It is the recognition and manifestation of inner creativity. It is the expression of creativity for the healing of mankind. It is the unfoldment of the desire to do something creative for mankind. It is the demonstration of the power of applied ideation made manifest. It is becoming the principle of continuum by maintaining self-discipline 3.Waterhole: The gathering and unification is at the Waterhole At the waterhole is an awareness of the power of inner connectivity and that you are no longer bound by false reflection. The gathering is the purification and rebirth of group consciousness. The gathering at the waterhole is learning the power of the law of interconnectivity and collective thoughts. It is the recognition that everything in the universe is connected from within. It is the blending of individualized talent into the wholeness of life and the exchange of gifts and talents. It is the completion of the union through mental expression. It is the activation of the law of synchronicity. It is the manifestation of the mastery of divine communal thought which is beyond time and space. 4. Aquarian Uprising: The celebration brings forth the law of attraction maintaining the cohesion force This is the celebration of inner joy and inner excitement! This is the implosion and explosion of continual evolution! This is emitting vibrations into atoms to activate and spring the energy into eternal substance. This is the process of releasing the inner obligation and responsibility to share by passing the torch to one who needs it. This is the journey into eternity. This is the implosion of universal creativity among all mankind.


Konstnären: Albert L. Gunn
Titel: Waterhole
Genre: New Age
Releasedatum: 2008-11-11
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 884501044462
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