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Felicidad Equidistante

Felicidad Equidistante

  • Genom Alasvals
  • Release 2008-12-30
  • Musikgenre Electronic
  • Media-Format CD
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'After releasing a promising ep Alasvals strike out with a full-length album of languid electronic bliss. Aguirre's inventive arrangements prevent them from falling into complacency and the warmth of Silvia Demetilla's voice is always there to elevate the songs. If Morcheeba has retained their early promise they might have made this album. 'Veo Veo' was on the ep and is still a delightful, slow song. 'Pearls' is dreamy and Demetilla's vocals are put to good use. 'Ways to the road movie' buzzes with quiet dread and would make an ideal soundtrack song for a thriller. The experimental 'Abnormal Puzzle' from the ep is a good track to revisit. This is a stunning and rewarding full-length debut.' The Ecthophile's guide to Good Music 'Argentinean vocalist Silvia Demetilla sings in a kind of sultry Astrud Gilberto style, though with more versatility - one song half way through had her singing a capella which was lovely'. / Know the Ledge-London Jazz Festival 'The vocal melodies are so strikingly beautiful at times and such a nice effect when contrasted against Silvias spoken words. Properlychilled 'Golden voiced angel from the Argentina area- lovely and forceful singing over well arranged and produced songs slightly electronic which sound similar places to the Prefuse 73 project with Eva Puyelo'. Banquet Records BIO, this is our present, past and future... There where a life before... There is a story to tell... SILVIA DEMETILLA, Argentine singer and songwriter, arrived in London in 2001. Immediately she began to feel that music was her life-path (survival-path, even?), the big city, and a new creative manner in which she was ready to start reflecting her feelings through the music, showing her interior world and translating that to those who might listen to that memorable and melancholy place, where the past & present live together, a new perception of reality; the changes were inspired by the circumstances of emigrating, the personal anxieties all of these combining into a certain Argentine nostalgia evoked by her velvety and rhythmic voice. DAVID AGUIRRE is an Argentine musician and filmmaker. He lives in a derelict building in Buenos Aires turned into a personal recording studio called La Panaderia (The Bakery). Sometimes he believes that he is J.D.Salinger living in South America. And who knows... The duo played almost three years with eclectic Spanish percussionist FERNANDO- NANDO - GOMEZ who sadly passed away on 2nd November 2008- four days before "Felicidad Equidistante" was released. "Felicidad Equidistante" (Equidistant Happiness) is the best legacy Nando left to the band and a kind of tribute alasVALS wish to dedicate for his very loved friend. WHAT ABOUT alasvals MUSIC? There's a lot of freedom within our music. The first thing we wanted to do was trying to explore something about folk, experimental, electronic and cinematic. We started with the folktronic boom after all (Devendra Banhart/ Juana Molina/ Coco Rosie). The story of how the collaboration came about is a nice tale. 'I found that David was a groupie of the first band I played in London. Then we ended up meeting on stage during a concert in Buenos Aires, and it was exactly at that time when I decided I wanted a solo career. So I asked him for some help on my songs. But we had a good chemistry so we could't split ways at the end.' Silvia and David met literally on stage @ 2003 in Buenos Aires, during a concert organised by folk singer Mara Gimenez. Despite the large distances between London and Buenos Aires, they decided to keep working together.


Konstnären: Alasvals
Titel: Felicidad Equidistante
Genre: Electronic
Releasedatum: 2008-12-30
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 634479713132
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