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Acting Salam

Acting Salam

  • Genom Ahlam
  • Release 2007-06-19
  • Musikgenre International
  • Media-Format CD
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1993 was the year Ahlam's ( The Dreams ) debut album ' Revolt against Reason ' intrigued the international press with their statements and made some noise a little bit all over the world .Some called them a Garage version of Khaled, some the Dream Sowers or a bridge between Arabs and Jews . A first page article in the New York Press under the title ' Shock the Casbah ' provoked quite intense and vivid reactions.The album was for two month number one in the EBU World music Charts. Still in Marrakech, the same members including Cheb Qchatar ( Young Danger )=( Ex AKJE guitarist ) bring you now ' Acting Salam ', another M.F. Message to the whole M.F.Planet and to all our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan, Gaza, Palestine, Algeria, Bosnia, Turkey, Tchetchenia, etc : it's time for the real Salam. In the meantime Algeria became a slaughterhouse and the borders to Morocco got closed, strange feelings nobody dares to face are spooking around. We will always remember the anger,the hate,the tears and the songs that night in 1994 among the Casablanca and Moroccan youth, when the radio evening news anounced that Cheb Hasni got shot down in Oran. I995 is the year we need to go on to tell the youth that it's time for the identification with our own cultural and religious roots, to clarify that Islam is the purest form of LOVE and SALAM and the must of loving ALLAH,JAH,or..., and not only, like it seems to be shown through some false massmedia propaganda in most western countries, a fanatic, violent and antiwomenrights macho world . And that not all darkskinned youngsters in the suburb ghettos of Paris,Marseille,Madrid and Naples are selling drugs or belong to the GIA or FIS, because the eternal police pressure will only cause more harm to the communites, instead of stopping the isolation and all the political and individual racism . Greenpoint Studio Brooklyn-NY . Umar Bin Hassan from the Last Poets walks in and says 'Salamalekoum' while Bill Laswell is playing his slamming RaggaDub Bassline to 'Tkelemti'. . The walls are trembling and the Jedba (Trance) is perfect.The next day, S.H. Fernando Jr. (Word Sound Label and writer of ' The New Beats. Exploring the Music,Culture and Attitudes of HipHop ' ) walks in and had the idea of inviting Likkle Jer to rap to one song as you might hear on ' Ash Men Hila ', the new hope and voice for Ragga ( listen to Word Sound 'Youthman ' and you'll know )+100% No Effects on rap vocals . Rob Musso, Engineer Brain and Machine Gun Man and expert of how to treat the Guitarstrings in Duet with Bill on ' Irfiq Rak 2 ', could wake up all the Djin (Spirits ) with this hymnintro to a dream . Tracks 4,5 and 9 were supposed to be on the Les Riam ( Ex Rastaraqa ) sideproject of Ahlam members, but because of the huge success in Morocco of this from traditional basics influenced sound, the decision was taken to give you a preview on a mainly Shabee oriented album for 1996. After the work experience with Bill on AISHA KANDISHA'S JARRING EFFECTS 'Shabeesation' this next step shall now slam and salam your ear .


Konstnären: Ahlam
Titel: Acting Salam
Genre: International
Releasedatum: 2007-06-19
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 7619942910921
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