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We Screen for Thieves

We Screen for Thieves

  • Genom Ahimsa Theory
  • Release 2006-08-29
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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A•him•sa: A Buddhist and Hindu doctrine expressing belief in the sacredness of all living creatures and urging the avoidance of harm and violence. It's members: Gabe Bledsoe (vocals/ guitars), Warren Baumann, (bass), and Dustin Riddle (drums) play high energy rock n' roll that has been compared to the likes of Head Automatica and Incubus . 'By and large, Ahimsa Theory's strength lies in their ability to maneuver well at each dynamic level.' ( AT strives to make their work translate just as well live, if not better than it does in the studio. 'They (Ahimsa Theory) are musicians who take great care in perfecting their sound, making completely sure that what their songs say is exactly what they want them to.' ( Ahimsa Theory spent the better part of 2005 touring and promoting their self-released and self-titled debut album across the U.S. in 9 different states (Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Nevada) 'I can't see these guys not getting picked up by a decent indie label soon.' (EastCoastRomper) They recorded an EP in March 2006 with Producer Enoch Jensen (Boy Sets Fire/ Kaddisfly) and will be shopping to labels and touring extensively in support of it. 'We feel like we are really coming into our own with these new songs by moving into a new direction without abandoning our old sound.' (Gabe Bledsoe) Look for Ahimsa Theory coming through your area this summer! We have shared the stage with such bands as: A Change of Pace Action Action The Accident Experiment (EX P.O.D.) The Classic Crime Coretta Scott Ever We Fall Kaddisfly Limbeck Melee Men, Women & Children Run Kid Run Sadaharu Something for Rockets Spoken Steel Train The Stiletto Formal.


Konstnären: Ahimsa Theory
Titel: We Screen for Thieves
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2006-08-29
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 619981205528
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