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I Believe

I Believe

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CD Single 
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'The Aha Experience' is really more of a project than a band, that resulted from a spontaneous collaboration between Michael R. Gaudet, (Artist/Inventor) and Gene Angers (Musician and Singer/Songwriter). Their CD Single, "I Believe" was released in April 2006. The words for 'I Believe' came to Michael in the middle of the night and were not altered once written down. Originally it was supposed to be a personal pep talk to lift his spirits but Michael decided to share it with his friend, Gene. Immediately taken by the powerful message, Gene asked Michael's permission to put the poem to music. The connection was made, the melody and chorus were revealed and the music followed. It all happened so quickly and effortlessly. This CD Single was inevitable following the genuinely warm responses from a number of locals and visitors to The Resort Village of Manitou Beach, SK, Canada, who had recognized it as a jewel of inspiration. As testament to Michael and Gene's growing belief in the project, they felt compelled to record and release it. It was when two total strangers purchased ten CDs each to give as gifts that they knew they were on to something. One of these people is Andy McAnally, a Quantum Bio-feedback Specialist from Humboldt, SK, who saw this as an inspiring tool to give to his clients with cancer or depression. His feelings were expressed on a radio talk show called, 'Ask the Experts', out of Saskatoon, SK. He has since purchased more CDs and has become a firm supporter of the song. Visit Michael and Gene's website to read their full story and testimonials from some true believers in this powerful message. Feel free to share your own experiences with them and they will post them on their website. Their story is one of an "Aha Experience" that was recognized, embraced and set into motion. Come join us and help get this message out to the world.


Konstnären: The Aha Experience
Titel: I Believe
Genre: New Age
Releasedatum: 2006-11-28
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD Single
UPC: 626570203445


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