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Le Far Est

Le Far Est

  • Genom Agiusb
  • Release 2008-05-20
  • Musikgenre Electronic
  • Media-Format CD
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Produkt anteckningar

Agiusb was born in the grey suburbs of Paris, before the strip-malls and supermarkets. One day, when his father had had enough of commuting in the rain, they make a clean break and leave the "city of lights" for the south -- Marseille. Life doesn't improve much, but at least, there's the sun! Agiusb starts music lessons. He applies to the National Music Conservatory, attended exclusively by the off-spring of the local bourgeois big-wigs. No one wants him...except for Mme Poisson (Mrs Fish..), who accepts him in her piano class. But the Conservatory turns out to be a nut house. It's hellish for him. They push him to take advanced piano with Mme Studer, ex-nazi from the Werhmacht who made him to work until ... he finally earned his freedom! Meanwhile, on the back of his blue moped -- Marseille is his. One day he meets Pompom, a freak who wanted to be cool. Together they create Dada 9, his first band. "I was already playing Electro back then and he was into making all kinds of bizarre noises, we called it Cold wave". They scour all the local and regional clubs and play anywhere they can, but their concerts tend to provoke riots. "It's funny that in France Rock fans always had a mind block against synthesizers...And anyway, one day Pompon and I had to part; I went on with my music and he with his noises" Agiusb. Then joined another group - Profile. They played in some pretty trashy clubs and rock festivals. "They were all queens, high most of the time, but we had a great time and played well! One day my mother came to our show...the drummer was wearing stilettos...I won't even try to describe the others..By the end, the whole scene was getting seedy, plus dressing up in pink thigh-high boots really wasn't my thing...I just couldn't take it any longer.." At that point Agiusb goes off to America (with American girlfriend..) and stays for a year. He plays at weddings, in malls, etc.. but he misses his blue moped (they don't have them over there). Back in France, and living in Paris, he starts teaching piano, "You gotta eat, you know.. !". He also composes music for reality shows (La nuit des héros), TV magazine shows (Envoyé Special) and documentaries. And then he meets Michel Peteau who produces his first album, fittingly entitled: Waterloo. A few years on, he puts out a second album-Parade. The promo concerts for the album are accompanied by psychedelic videos on a giant screen. Agiusb continues to write music for TV, (that he never watches, except for when soccer is on.) That's about it. Now you know (just about) everything there is to know about Agiusb.


Konstnären: Agiusb
Titel: Le Far Est
Genre: Electronic
Releasedatum: 2008-05-20
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 3775000028701
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