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Womans Touch

Womans Touch

  • Genom Aeone
  • Release 1999-11-09
  • Musikgenre New Age
  • Media-Format CD
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Music as an awakening - Aeone is multi level listening. Clear ethereal vocals rise above full ambient grooves. Contrasting dulcimer and Uilleann pipes and other woody instruments lie in lush and cinematic tracks with a touch of the ancient Celtic. Hypnotic and sensual - the unfolding of the nature of a woman in all her many guises - Aeone takes you through the journey of her life in a tapestry of story, voice, sound and rhythm, from which you may not return the same. Aeone - an 'Englishwoman in Los Angeles' is a self-confessed Renaissance woman and quintessential artiste/songwriter/composer. Some very early success in the Eurovision Song Contest in Europe sent Aeone packing to the States and a full circle to her Celtic roots. She teamed up with writer/prod/eng Jeff Silverman and worked on her debut album 'Window to a World' Rincon/Rhino - pioneering a blend of Celtic sounding music with a pop feel blending fiddle, banjo and mandolin. This lead to work in film and tv, and songs in a number of tv series such as Santa Barbara and vocals on sound tracks including the voice of 'Tanya' for an 'American Tail' and '18th Angel' for Rysher. Her songs have been recorded by Rick Springfield and Shari Belafonte amongst others. More recently she has moved into the world of scoring and is 'stealth on the radar' with her unique style using vocal as emotion behind picture. She scored the pilot 'Spy Girls' for Universal/USA and has had music in a number of trailers including the upcoming 'The Messenger' Luc Besson's new film about Joan of Arc. And here you have Aeone's brand new album 'The Woman's Touch'. Don't miss it.


Konstnären: Aeone
Titel: Womans Touch
Genre: New Age
Releasedatum: 1999-11-09
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 698049000121
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