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Landlocked Nation

Landlocked Nation

  • Genom Aeolian Race
  • Release 2009-02-24
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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Aeolian Race have been described as a progressive / space rock outfit who present an amazing psychedelic live performance along with tasteful recordings and carefully crafted songs. Aeolian Race has been compared to such acts as Pink Floyd, YES and King Crimson. 'Oh man, these guys had me a first note, I'm digging Aeolian Race's Landlocked Nation in a huge way. They interpret Psychedelia the way The Minutemen interpreted Punk Rock towards the latter part of their career - you knew they were Punk, even though they played CCR and Van Halen covers and blended jazz with roots rock. Both bands are true originals, unique in their own right. Aeolian Race is a Boston based band that most resembles the early, progressive psych & spacerock of Pink Floyd but with hints of early Peter Gabriel-era Genesis, Hawkwind and King Crimson, with the more modern progressive moments of Queens of the Stone Age, the great Colour Haze and add a bit of the quirky jam band aesthetic that most closely resembles Phish or Widespread Panic. I could listen to songs like the QOTSA-like "Alligator", the great, acoustically (mostly) driven "Insanity", the starts with a roar, ends with a whisper epic "Still Born", the Floyd-meets-Phish beauty of "The Hidden Queen Of The Drone Throne" all day long. And I just might do that when I wake up tomorrow morning. I'm totally into this one, one of those rare magical moments when a first listen gets it's hooks in me. I love the way the arrangements are structured on Landlocked Nation. Aeolian Race uses the same tension/release method of building sonic peaks and valleys while still maintaining a wistful melodicism and catchiness similar to the way Colour Haze crafts their music. These three are wonderful musicians as well, it's evident that they know their respective instruments up, down, sideways and backwards.' -Chris Barnes - 'The members of Aeolian Race may like to dress in psychedelic colors and rock out to the Beatles and the Doors, but when you listen to their jarring time changes, skittering guitar work, and brutal precision, it doesn't take long to realize they are knee-deep in prog rock...' -Nick A. Zaino III - Boston Globe. 'As the album proceeds, though, it becomes clearer just how much these guys love their FLOYD. The vocal harmonies in 'Hawks' will make folks instantaneously recollect the Gilmour/Wright exchange in 'Echoes,' while some of the more jovial songs like 'Stillborn' owe heavily to Syd Barrett...' -PEACEDOGMAN.COM 'I'll bet these guys have a lot of Pink Floyd albums in their collections,especially the early ones. And some of the mid-period King Crimson ones, too...The result of the melding of all these different influences and directions is an album that's definitely rooted in prog / psych tropes, but still poppy enough to appeal to people beyond prog and psych circles. There's plenty of tripped-out freakouts and psychotronic guitar to keep the acid-heads happy, but the more pop-oriented structures and vocals make their potential appeal much broader than one might first suspect. This is definitely worth checking out...' -theonetruedeadangel 'Here is a 3-piece band from Massachusetts who ply the trade we've come to know as progressive rock. In that end they are indebted, influence-wise, to people with names like Waters, Gilmour, etc....that is, Pink Floyd. And AEOLIAN RACE do a pretty decent job of it through the 10 cuts here, with some attention-holding tracks like "Tethys Ocean" and "Stillborn..." -raysrealm.


Konstnären: Aeolian Race
Titel: Landlocked Nation
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2009-02-24
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 634479912917
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