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There Are Worse Things I Could Do

There Are Worse Things I Could Do

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This is an audio version of Adrienne Barbeau's best selling memoir, "There Are Worse Things I Could Do", read by the author herself. Adrienne Barbeau never set out to be a sex symbol and she never intended to become the poster girl for women over 50 having babies, but both those stories and a lot more are detailed in this witty, revealing memoir of the Tony-nominated actress. This book covers Adrienne's early years in New York ("No one said Mafia out loud in those days. There was always the fear you wouldn't live to say anything else."), to starring on Broadway in Grease ("Alexander Cohen swore the only way we'd win a Tony was over his dead body"), to her two hit television series (Maude and Carnivale). It covers her feature film career (The Fog, Escape from New York, Cannonball Run, Swamp Thing, Back to School, Creepshow), her singing career ("Doc Severinson and the band had been in the audience during my nude foray off-Broadway in Stag Movie"), her romance with Burt Reynolds, her marriage to director John Carpenter, and her subsequent marriage to a younger man, Billy Van Zandt, with whom she had twins at the age of 51. Her candor is refreshing. She does not flinch from sharing with the reader intimate details about sex, psychics, gurus, and her quest to heal the trauma of being abandoned by her father when she was still a child. While laughing at herself, and her foibles as a person with loves gained and lost, she takes the comic and imbues it with heart. Conversely she explores her tragedies, such as the passing of her mother and her best friend, with a sense of hope and rebirth. This book reveals a vibrant woman who wanted to experience life fully, to learn from her experiences, to heal her wounds, and to grow as an actress and woman. Publishers Weekly says, "Barbeau hits 60 fabulously in this straightforward, muscularly written memoir of the acting life. The Maude star proves herself a writer with flair." Reviewers on say: "When I finished, I was blown away! What a romp! The poignant, uplifting story is told in Adrienne's dead-pan comic timing voice. But this book holds a wallop of a surprise. The brutally honest self-doubt of the scream queen of the silver screen took me by surprise, and I realized half way through, '...hey, this is my life she's telling.' And really, it's about all women, young and not so young, who are struggling with old 'tapes' from the past, those childhood messages that sabotage self-esteem. But, come on! Adrienne Barbeau? The gorgeous goddess who has it all? Self doubt? Wait until you read about it! It's told so hilariously, with so many page-turning stories, yet beneath all the joking, lurks the pain of any of us who struggles to evaluate self-worth. Adrienne's show-biz experiences somehow mirror the lives of all of us who cannot ask for what we need, what we want; the difference is that Adriennes' personal journey was played out on Broadway stages and in front of cameras on national TV--while hiding her insecurity in the privacy of a bathroom stall. In the midst of all this living and loving--and loss, Adrienne finds hard-won truths about creating a sense of self: how to ask for what's important, and how to manifest your own future. This is definitely not just a beach read--it's more--WAY more." "Adrienne Barbeau has written a completely delightful autobiography. I loved it, and only put it down when I had no choice. Her life is fascinating, and her writing style is funny, touching, and endearing. The description of her wedding had me laughing uncontrollably, while parts about losses in her life had me almost in tears. I have been busy since I finished this book recommending it to everyone I know who reads! I sincerely hope Adrienne Barbeau will not stop now, but will write, and write, and write." "WOW!!!! What an amazing, well written. Fast paced book, from first page to last. I could not put it down. It takes you on an incredible journey and let's you into the life, love, hopes, dreams, family, friends,inspirations of a very talented, classy LADY, on so many levels. Highly recommend it!!!!" "It is both a brave and generous act for Adrienne Barbeau to share her remarkable journey, and she does so with great grace, honesty and humor. I found myself alternately laughing and crying at her self-effacing, wry and insightful observations of her own very colorful life. Whether mixing with Hollywood's heavyweights or acting with vermin in Moscow (check out the chapter where her costars are dead rats) Ms. Barbeau is a class act who has always remained true to herself. You will love Adrienne and you will love this book!" "With outrageous tales rivaling the absurdities found in Agusten Burroughs' memoirs (trying to perform in a 300-year old gown drenched in fish juice and live rats, in Russia, in winter, on a set that's just caught fire), all recounted with a David Sedaris-like tone, one might think Adrienne Barbeau is a gay man. Alas, she is very much a woman, an actress and singer, who, among her many roles, has played no small part as a feminist icon redefining what we think women can do on camera and off. But don't presume you must be a fan, or even familiar with her work to enjoy this book, this memoir stands on it's own. Reading 'There are Worse Things I Could Do' is a charming and casual delight, almost as if Adrienne were sitting on your lap, telling you the stories herself." "This is a wonderful book by an under rated actress. She takes you through her interesting life in an entertaining yet thorough manner. Her style is an easy read. Yes, she's under rated as an actress but if she keeps writing like this she won't be under rated as a writer. Pretty face, great body, fine actress, entertainer and singer, sure-- but she's much more and once you've read the book you'll be an even bigger fan of Ms. Barbeau."


Konstnären: Adrienne Barbeau
Titel: There Are Worse Things I Could Do
Genre: Spoken
Releasedatum: 2006-10-17
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 634479390579


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