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Luvnasty Grooves

Luvnasty Grooves

  • Genom Adon X
  • Release 2002-11-26
  • Musikgenre Soul/R & B
  • Media-Format CD
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The question remains the same. Who is Adon? Singer, rapper, writer, producer. The answer, all 4 rolled into one. This young man is in a leauge of his own with luv songs 4 the ladies, and strong nasty grooves for the fellas. Compared to R.Kelly and the likes of Dru-Hill, this one man show gives a new meaning to a 'Big Mans Kind Of Luv'. Combining lyrics with the production of Charlie Macc, the super producer of Unmistakeable Productions. The music is fully packed with soulful hooks and to the point melodies. One listen and there's that question again. Who is Adon? With the lush orchestration of a mid-west style and some westcoast flava, this puts Adon along with the best. 2002 after the storm has ended. Now it's time to make room for the true TruDaddy Adon...for 2003 and beyond. ***************** Hello to all and than u for taking the time to listen to my music. I'm going to take some time hear and tell u about the songs you'll be hearing when u purches this CD. 01. Storm: A cool luv song on a nasty groove. It's the story of a man who's been out there in the game with women and now he meets that one..that makes him want to slow down. 'Don't want to be a one niter'. 02. I Call U'r Name: This is an R&b style rapp. New wave rap with a twist. Original music. I call your name is that. Seeing that one person, and calling out loud, to be more than just a friend. 03. Don't Turn Out The Light: Oh my this cool r&b track and very direct lyrics say it all. Girl it's time for u to stop running away and come here into the light. 04. It's Been a Long Time: And it has..When one works the life amognst half naked women. Suddenly u'r faced with the one. Meeting the one that incites dreams 05. Hide The Fact: It's a song about facing facts. A luv song that's warm and real. So many of us run from a good thing. Just hiding in the shadows. 06. My Heart Sees Only U: If u ever felt blind to all that was around u. Then u'll understand the feeling in this r&b soul song. 07. Why Does It Hurt So Much?: This R&B ballad ask the question. If love is so damn good why do I cry...tears of joy, tears of pain. Tell me why? 08. The Reality Of U: This is an r&b jam with old school flavor sure to make u cha cha. 09. Let Me Feel U'r Luv: The perfect follow up song to Reality. I want something real and solid. This is a Hip Hop funk groove hitting into the nasty zone. 10. I Can Make U Cumm: This is the song that started it 4 me. It's an r&b hip hop groove, that's me to the point.. 11. LuvNasty: Welcome to the zone of not fast or slow. Luv to the point of oh yeah... and it's just one of those get funky with it jams.. 12. Luv U'r Body: All over from the inside out..This is a funky r&b jams. It's light and tasty, yet some real is being served. Oh you'll like. 13. The Scent: What's greater than the scent of the woman? This sultry ballad explores the more. The tru scent of the woman that dances in the head, the heart, the soul. 14. I Do It All(I Can Make U Cumm Pt.2): Find out who I am, learn what I do, you'll sing the song with a smile. Bounce to this R&B hip hop groove, and the feeling will hit u. 15. Float On: This is the Ultimate R&B, Hiphop, funk song. With a sound so true to entertain u. Oh and yes it's LuvNasty Grooves. All these songs are open. If u haven't started listening.. start. If u are now listening..listen to them all. U'll hear a nice veriaty of songs. I say again and again. I've had much fun doing this CD. So that u can have much fun listening. Thank U for taking the time to check me out... Feel free to email me, review..the works.. Attention: Heart Tears Entertainment/TruDaddy Records is now looking for FEMALE VOCALIST & FEMALE RAPPERS & MODELS. If U or someone u know has talent and your in the Los Angeles area please email a letter of introduction. ************** Now available @ 'Groovin On The LuvNasty' Video snippets of these great songs featuring some of Southern Californias Hottest dancers dancing in...Well U have to see it..'That girl on the rock..wooo!' Yeah go see it @ ************** Those selected will be placed on TruDaddy Records..'Mo Grooves' the compilation.. So again thank u for your time and Happy New Year.. U are now riding with Adon..relax God will truly bless.


Konstnären: Adon X
Titel: Luvnasty Grooves
Genre: Soul/R & B
Releasedatum: 2002-11-26
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 634479018497
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