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I Am Sorry for Your Loss

I Am Sorry for Your Loss

  • Genom Adjective
  • Release 2009-03-31
  • Musikgenre Heavy Metal
  • Media-Format CD
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Name changes, scrapped recordings, countless local shows-Adjective went through the typical growing pains in the lead up to the release of I Am Sorry for Your Loss. It's just taken them a little longer than most bands to get to where they stand. In an era when acts go from hyped to forgotten in the time it takes to pirate the latest Metallica record and labels rush releases by artists still wet behind the ears, the three-and-a-half years between Adjective's inception and the release of their debut EP is a musical eternity. The timing meant that an ever growing local following had to patiently wait for anything to play on their stereos, but it also meant that the band was able to hone their chops and sharpen their songwriting in front of that same increasingly larger audience before heading into the studio to document their efforts. I Am Sorry For Your Loss features songs that were written over the course of Adjective's existence, but the tracks are brought together by a unified sound: brooding, intense, post-punk that doesn't hide it's pop charm. The influences are what you might expect from any similar act-heavy hitters of the genre like Joy Division and Bauhaus-but few of their contemporaries can boast a helping hand from one of the legends they pull inspiration from. The cues taken from Wire's economical riffage and clinical execution are easy to hear on I'm Sorry For Your Loss, but the celebrated foursome's impact is also evident in one of their founding members, bassist Graham Lewis. After a chance meeting at Calgary's Sled Island festival and a follow-up email from producer, Adam Veenendaal, Lewis agreed to lend both backing vocals and production advice to leadoff single, 'Profession.' Lewis' presence is a notable distinction for the band, but Adjective charts their own path on I Am Sorry For Your Loss, a record that captures the band at an exciting time: when they've brought together influences and found their own sound, but are still itching to move forward. Adjective is Dustin John Bromley (bass), Jenni Hanna (drums), Ryan Riot (vocals/guitar), and Luna Tic (vocals/guitar). They hail from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, but plan to play somewhere near you this summer.


Konstnären: Adjective
Titel: I Am Sorry for Your Loss
Genre: Heavy Metal
Releasedatum: 2009-03-31
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 859701443810
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