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Million Voices

Million Voices

  • Genom Adam Wexler
  • Release 2006-01-17
  • Musikgenre New Age
  • Media-Format CD
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PEACE from the Holy Land! I welcome you into my personal journey. Sometimes we get knocked down in our life experiences; and to get back in the saddle is the beginning of personal growth. To climb up the ladder of spiritual work, we might fall back a rung in order to leap ahead to a totally higher level. The point being that, as we improve individually, we bring some kind of healing into our own personal lives and into the world at large. I take on sensitive topics in my music. I hope you will be able to both experience and internalize my message in a positive light. For example in the song, 'A Million Voices,' the main character reveals his thoughts in the last moments of life atop the Twin Towers (9/11). Love and faith help us to carry on. I try to let each song intuitively go where it needs to. Sometimes just vocal and guitar do the job; sometimes I need an orchestra to paint the picture. But as in all art forms, if the core essence is what comes through, then the message can go deep into your heart. I have tons of experience both on stage and in the studio, having played with many bands: Reva L'Sheva, Soul Farm, The Moshav Band, Shlomo Katz, Neshama Carlebach, Shlomo Gronich, Meir Banai, Shmuel Nelson, Yirmeyahu, End of Days, Aryeh Naftaly, Gavriel Hasson, Reb Shlomo Carlebach, of blessed memory, Avraham Bar Rashi, of blessed memory, Sinai Tor, Rebbe Soul, Avraham Rosenblum, the Diaspora Yeshiva Band, Ezra Gaetnoe, Zeev Mathews, Shmuel Zivan, Erez Levanon, Razel Brothers, Levi Ben Shmuel, Harpo, Ruby Harris, Dov Shurin, Guy Zvi Mintz, The Clem Morgan Band, Peter Himmelman, HaRav Shimmie Green, Reb Moshe Shur, Steve Pascal, Mitch Clyman, Mathew Fink of Prince, Purple Sunset, Sons of Now, The Ants (when I was 8 or 9 years old), I have also absorbed the local Minneapolis vibe of Bob Dylan, Leo Kottke, etc. All these influences, and more, sweep through my eclectic brain. I am a self taught musician (for better or worse) on guitar, bass, quatro and piano. I do not try to write, I am compelled to. When I receive a spark, I fan it to a flame to spread light and warmth. All lyrics are translated into English in the liner notes for your ease. Blessings and peace my friends. .


Konstnären: Adam Wexler
Titel: Million Voices
Genre: New Age
Releasedatum: 2006-01-17
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 6514110095527
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