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Call to the Spirit Man

Call to the Spirit Man

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Bio; Native of St. Louis, MO, now residing in Houston TX. I\'ve always felt the hand of God on my life. There were many experiences, the loss of my Grandmother as a youngster, visting various faith sanctuaries, Jehovah\'s witnesses, Baptist, Methodist and non-denominational structures, I\'ve always known God. As a youngster spent several years at Central Baptist church (Pastor Packnett & First Lady Gwendolyn Deloach Packnett) were the first leaders that I felt truly connected and were concerned about me. After Pastor Packnett went to be with the Lord, I struggled with religion, knowing all the while that God had something planted. I returned to the church in 2002 re-establshing my membership at Friendly temple Missionary Baptist Church under the powerful Pastor Michael Jones and his team of ministry. I can remember being compelled by the Spirit of God one Sunday to answer the call to new discipleship. From then until now I\'ve maintained my worship with the Lord. I speak with Him daily, I contemplate His word, I listen to a multitude of ministers Pastors Carl R. Smith Sr, Pastor Samuel J Gilbert II, Pastor D.Z. Colfield and the Good Hope Family; Friends and family in the field of ministry titled and untitled. I keep the Gospel, and leave that which is not based in the word but in the man-made traditions. I have a close bond with my nuclear family, and they\'ve all encouraged my pursuit of what God wants for me and to do through me. God works His will through writing for me. Sometimes at four in the morning and at others while listening to a minister or peacefully trying to discuss His plan with a non-believer. This project started out as purely hip hop gospel but when He blessed me with a wonderful musician \'Skyscraper\' and our spirit\'s connected it was like seeing Beethoven or michaelangelo doing their thing. Also, none if this would have happened if not for the blessings of a wonder minister, and artist Wally Tauriac and Blessed Enterprises. The bible says all things work together for the God of those who love the Lord. This scripture described the journey to the fulfillment of this project. I ask that you all pray for me as I continue to yield to the compulsion of the Holy Spirit, to walk in Love and edification of you, my brothers and sisters. Peace & Blessings Adair \'Adauro\' Rowan.


Konstnären: Adair ''Adauro'' Rowan
Titel: Call to the Spirit Man
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Releasedatum: 2008-06-10
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 796873079099
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