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Night at the Trauma House

Night at the Trauma House

  • Genom Acoustic Trauma
  • Release 2008-05-27
  • Musikgenre Classical Artists
  • Media-Format CD
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Welcome to the original sound of Acoustic Trauma. Try to imagine the crisp sound of a violin, mandolin or acoustic guitar backed by a powerful rhythm section. Now add the variables of experimentation, mysterious lyrics and mood-enhancing visual effects. Following the example of the 'classic rock' genre, Acoustic Trauma aims to provide a complete entertainment experience for their audience. Acoustic Trauma is a trio whose concept and goal is to defy the common stereotype that has tagged acoustic rock as being 'laid back' or 'tame'. Many popular bands have toned down their acts, characterizing themselves as being "acoustic" or 'unplugged'. Acoustic Trauma, with the use of some effects (electric distortion NOT being one of them), have proven that acoustic instruments are not limited to stool or sit down performances. The band's strength lies in their instrumentation, as it consists of finger-blistering acoustic guitar solos, solid drumbeats, intense violin playing, and many inventive bass leads. The term 'acoustic trauma', refers to a medical diagnosis that is associated with hearing loss due to the continued exposure to loud sounds. The name was chosen, for it serves as a definitive pun, both identifying the band by definition as well as their goal in attempting to 'traumatize' the acoustic world. Acoustic Trauma's live DVD+CD set, A Night At The Trauma House, is the band's fourth release and captures their inventive energy in a live setting. Recorded live at their venue, The Trauma House, the multi-disc set acts as the ultimate media for the avid music fan. Included in the live media is a pro-shot multi-camera angle video on DVD, as well as the soundtrack of the performance on a separate compact disc for the consumer's listening pleasure.


Konstnären: Acoustic Trauma
Titel: Night at the Trauma House
Genre: Classical Artists
Releasedatum: 2008-05-27
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 837101330305
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