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Fall Down

Fall Down

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. . . Independent Female Artist Promotions says, 'This CD is a must for every music lover.' . . . debut album review by Derek Blackmon Fall Down, the debut release from Boston-based Acoustic Chatter, can initially be described as a delightful collection of ballads with influences from Tracy Bonham (sans the violin) and Liz Phair. Lyrically, this Berklee-educated duo eschews the coffeehouse sad bastard motif and crafts intelligent lyrics and delicate ballads that could easily be found on your favorite alternative radio station, assuming they are lucky enough to fall into the right hands. All thirteen songs presented are consistent and well-produced, bringing to mind the question: Is there enough air in this raft to keep them floating until their ship comes in? With potential favorites like opener "Give Me a Reason," "Mexico" and the brilliantly sad title track, we have proof there is enough here alone to merit some grand exposure. If you clue yourself into one obscure band this year Acoustic Chatter should warrant the time needed to track down, rip & burn. Somewhere between the beginning and the end falls at least one song that will grab you and make you understand that once again I am steering you in the right direction. Maybe they won't be heard pitching the new line of holiday scarves at Old Navy, but why would you want to ruin such wonderful music on something made by overworked, underpaid children? . . . Fall Down ©2007 produced by Lukas Johnson mastered by Patrick Keating artwork and design by Tullis Johnson all songs written by Andrea Stankevitch additional music and guitar instrumental by Lukas Johnson . . . FOR MORE MUSIC BY THESE ARTISTS SEARCH BAND NAME 'BRITE LITE BRITE' DEBUT ALBUM 'UNIVERSE UNIVERSE' RELEASE SEPTEMBER 2009 BRITE LITE BRITE'S (FORMERLY KNOWN AS ACOUSTIC CHATTER) DEBUT ALBUM UNIVERSE UNIVERSE MARKS THEIR MOVE TOWARD ORGANIC ELECTRONICA AND A PREOCCUPATION WITH LIFE AND OUR UNIVERSE. . . .


Konstnären: Acoustic Chatter
Titel: Fall Down
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2007-07-10
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 837101351515
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